2022 Car Accident Victims Guide to the Top Hospitals and Urgent Care in Charleston


A car accident is by far one of the most painful yet destructive experiences anyone can face. In a fraction of a second, a whole lot can change in your life as an accident victim. It is not unusual to find your life turned upside-down, dealing with pain, medical bills, possible income loss, and even emotional suffering, among other tribulations.

Nonetheless, your wellness should always take top priority after finding yourself in a road wreck, and that’s not a debatable topic! This means seeking medical attention as soon as possible, preferably from a professional doctor or facility who understands your injuries, pain, and agony. So, where can you get reliable and immediate help if you or a loved one gets injured in an accident in Charleston, SC?

Let’s take a gander at the top urgent care centers and hospitals that accident victims in Charleston can turn to when they need immediate medical attention.

Why You Might Need This Info 

Now, a study conducted recently (2021) indicated that Charleston, South Carolina ranked number twelve among America’s most dangerous cities for drivers! The more alarming fact is that just a year earlier in 2020, South Carolina – where the so-called holy city is located – had ranked 6th in the list of states where most accidents happen in the US. This is all the more reason to get armed with information about where to get urgent medical help when and if you often use some of the roads

Below is a list of top medical facilities in Charleston you can consider in case you ever need urgent care after a car crash.

1. Roper Hospital

Seeking medical attention asap is crucial after a car or motorcycle accident before you do anything else. Most car accident victims call any general doctor when faced with an accident. However, most of these doctors are not specialized in treating (or even admitting) patients with certain problems related to accidents. The good thing is that this is not the case at Roper St Francis Express Care, which is also known as Roper hospital.

Located at 316 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC, Roper seems to deliver superior quality care to its patients; if at all reviews from Google and other sites like Yelp are anything to go by. They also offer a wide range of services that fit the bill for auto accident victims, including general assessment, surgery, imaging tests, critical care, and pretty much more. The doctors are also professional and candid enough to work closely with your car accident attorney in case you need to obtain compensation for your injuries.

As a car accident victim, either with minor injuries or feeling uninjured, it’s always prudent to seek treatment from a qualified doctor.

2. Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital

Drivers’ negligence is one of the leading causes of motor accidents globally. Many factors cause car accidents in this 21st century. Some of the causes include drunken driving, speeding, drowsy driving, texting, and so forth.

Shawn Jenkins is located at 10 McClennan banks drive, Charleston SC, near the corner of Calhoun Street. The renowned medical facility also provides expert pediatric care for children. Shawn Jenkins ranks well in the US, as well as globally in the list of the world’s best children’s hospitals.

Moreover, SJ serves as a level one trauma center for children, which also provides lifesaving resuscitative care, emergency care, and services for children with grave injuries even resulting from a car accident. The Shawn Hospital offers sedation, which ensures the least amount of trauma and pain for the little ones while ensuring the best possible results.

3. MUSC Health University Medical Center

MUSC medical center was founded in 1824. It’s one of the oldest hospitals in Carolina with a medical college and a treatment center. The medical center is located at 171 Ashley Avenue in downtown Charleston. It was recently recognized as a national hospital by the state of California.

As some online reviews reveal, the medical facility offers quality care to its patients, including a 24-hour trauma center for accident victims. They also prioritize instant care for life and limb-threatening injuries like critical care services, surgical suites, and state-of-the-art technology, all of which help in reducing disabilities.

MUSC works towards ensuring that their patients recover even from the worst compound problems. 

Whether you are suffering from the spinal cord or brain injuries, large cuts, wounds, or internal bleeding, the main aim is said to be providing every patient with outstanding care in their path to recovery.  

4. Bon Secours St Francis 

They say old is gold – and none of this is close to wrong. Bon Secours St Francis hospital is the first medical facility in South Carolina. It’s located at 2095 Henry Tecklenburg Drive in Charleston South Carolina. BS St. Francis Hospital came into being in the year 1882 after it was founded by sisters from our lady of mercy.

And even more, interestingly, St. Francis treats more than physical injuries. It also helps their patients with spiritual and emotional needs resulting from car accidents and other conditions! They are known to provide quality and empathetic care, modern exhaustive acute care, as well as treatment using advanced medical technology for car accident victims.

In emergency situations, every second is vital. That’s why Secours recently introduced a helipad, so their helicopters will allow doctors to attend to the needs of critical patients quickly, especially accident victims. In other words, it’s now possible to airlift patients in a flash so they get attended to as fast as their emergency care needs demand.

If you have a loved one who is a victim of a car accident in Charleston and needs urgent medical attention, the Bon Secours St Francis hospital should be among the first facilities to give a call.

5. East Cooper Medical Center

As the population grows, so does the need for quality healthcare from populous areas. East Cooper Medical Center is one of the leading hospitals in Medicare in South Carolina. The hospital is located at 2000 hospital drive-in Mount Pleasant.

The ECMC has also been acknowledged for the outstanding patient experience award. This can only mean it delivers exemplary health care to its accident victims and all other patients. It has a high rating with most patients noting they would highly recommend it in the Google reviews. East cooper provides the topmost safety, cleanliness, treatment, professionalism to their patients.

East Cooper attends to patients throughout South Carolina. As an accident victim, you are assured of a successful and quick recovery and quality of life after the treatment. They also provide emergency and trauma services, with a modern emergency room that is planned to deliver services like surgeries, resuscitation, imaging services, and the like.  

6. Trident Medical Center

Most car accidents victims suffer from varied injuries and disabilities. This impacts their quality of life permanently. Trident medical centers are located in Athens, GA 30606 and McDonough Georgia 1515 Pennsylvania avenue, GA 30253. Trident specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries relating to car accidents. It offers reachable and suitable care and treatment for injuries resulting from an automobile accident. Other treatments include back and neck pain, chronic headaches, muscular pain, and the like.

After an accident, getting back to your daily activities and normal life can take a significantly long time. However, with the right hospital, the healing journey is eased. Injury trauma after an accident is one of those illnesses that are life-threatening, necessitating the best possible care you can get.

Road accidents have become a common phenomenon on our roads today. You never know when you will be among the next list of victims. If you get caught up in this mess, it’s crucial to choose a good hospital to ensure you get quality care and treatment. Thankfully, now you know where to turn to for excellent medical services if you or someone you love ever encounters an accident in Charleston and needs urgent care.