3 Practical Tips to Follow When Shopping Around for SUV Tyres


Good quality SUV or 4×4 tyres can be expensive to replace. This is why you need to make the necessary considerations to be able to choose the best tyres that will last for a long time.

Car tyres vs. SUV/4×4 tyres

It’s important that you choose the correct type of tyres for your vehicle because your safety and your car’s performance depend on it. Also, tyres for SUVs or 4x4s are different from those for cars. They all play different roles in the handling and performance of the vehicle. For one, car tyres are specifically made for road performance, which includes road comfort, wet and dry braking, and grip. On the other hand, SUV tyres are reinforced to be able to handle the additional weight of the vehicle along with braking, handling, and road-focused grip. In other words, they are made for the durability of off-road performance.

Most SUVs or 4x4s may experience greater forces in the outside tread area and shoulder area when cornering at high speed because they have a higher center of gravity than smaller vehicles. This is why you should make sure that the replacement tyres you choose are able to match the handling requirements of your vehicle, including its additional weight.

Buying guide

Before you visit a local shop or search an online dealer for SUV or 4×4 tyres, check out these best tyre-buying tips.

Buy tyres that withstand the harshest conditions.
One of the most important factors you must consider when shopping around for SUV tyres is the worst road conditions and heaviest loads your tyres will encounter over their usable life. This means that the tyres load rating must match the heaviest load it is expected to carry, not the average.


The tread design of the tyres should also be for the worst road conditions you will drive on. You will need tyres with a more aggressive tread or rubber compound if you’re expecting to drive on roads that are covered in snow, mud, gravel, or sand for more traction and resistance to gouging.

Don’t go for trendy unless you absolutely need them.

These days, SUV or 4×4 tyres with an off-road look are all the rage. Because of their size and tread design, they give this cool, aggressive, beefy, tough appearance. But cool doesn’t always mean a good thing. Most of these trendy tyres have poor handling performance, which may translate to noise, poor comfort, and stiff ride. Aside from that, larger wheels have a decreased braking ability, slow acceleration, decreased overall stability, and faster suspension.

Buy tyres at the right time.

Take a depth gauge and plunge it into the tread at each edge and in the middle. Experts will tell you that truck or SUV tyres should be replaced once the wear bars are level with the tread, which should mean that the tread is at the legal limit of 1/16 inches deep. However, your tyres’ stopping ability and traction will have decreased dramatically even before this point.

Experts advise against allowing your tyres to reach this point, which basically means squeezing the last bit of life out of your tyres. Stopping tests indicate that tyres with a 1/8-inch tread depth, which is twice the legal limit, take 125 feet more to stop on wet roads than new tyres.

So when to buy tyres at the right time? You should seriously consider buying replacement SUV or 4×4 tyres as soon as you notice cracks in the tread or sidewall.

Switching to passenger tyres

While switching to passenger tyres from truck tyres may save you money, the fact that you will need heavier-duty passenger tyres to match your SUV or 4×4’s load requirements may offset that. This is because your SUV or 4×4 has a higher center of gravity, placing different stresses on the tyres. Because of this, you will most likely need to move up to larger tyres, wiping out the savings you are expecting to have by switching to passenger tyres.

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