3 Pros And Cons Of Wearing Saint Jeans For A Road Trip


For the outdoor lover, going on a road trip is one of the most exciting things you can take on. But even if you’re not an outdoor person, a road trip can still be an adventure. It can be an excellent way to unwind, enjoy the beautiful scenery, explore new places, and get yourself some fresh air. There’s just something exciting and liberating about open roads and the ability to make decisions on the go.

However, solid planning and making smart choices are everything when taking this kind of adventure. Among the things you need to think about when planning a road trip is your clothing. And while this may not seem like such an important issue to consider, it is. For one, it can affect your comfort level throughout the trip. And one of the clothing items perfect for road trips is a pair of jeans.

In this article, you’ll learn the pros and cons of wearing jeans, particularly Saint jeans, on a road trip.

Pros Of Wearing Saint Jeans For A Road Trip

  1. They’re Pretty Versatile

One thing you’ve got to love about Saint jeans is they come in various colors and styles, making them quite versatile. This range of jeans considers all types of road trippers and speaks to their fashion sense with different jeans styles. Whether you’re into straight-leg jeans, a classic look, you love a darker shade of blue, or a lighter one –find more here; you’re sure to get something to wear for a road trip.

That also means you won’t have to worry much about how to match them with your tops, jackets, or shoes because they make an excellent base for any outfit or accessory. All you need is to find your perfect style and color and spend more time enjoying the road while looking good.

  1. They’re Protective

Road trips, while exciting, can be unpredictable at times. For instance, you may come across some mishaps, whether you’re driving a car or riding a motorcycle. And so, you want to be sure that your choice of clothing and gear is protective enough against falls, thorn pricks, or your knees, should you need a tire change.

While Saint Jeans come with a comfortable stretch, you won’t have much to worry about when it comes to protection. They’re built to combine fashion and function by weaving Dyneema fiber into the denim to create a sort of armor. This fiber is considered the world’s strongest fiber.

  1. They’re Breathable And Requires Less Maintenance

While road trips may require versatile and protective clothing, you also need comfortable ones. And as solid and protective as Saint jeans are, they can also provide you with a decent level of comfort. For one, they don’t restrict your movement, and the fabric is breathable enough, keeping air flowing well.

In addition, one thing you’ve got to love about Saint jeans is how easy they’re to manage. When on a road trip, dirt is inevitable from spills or falls. However, the very nature of how Saint jeans are made makes taking care of them relatively easy. They also do a good job hiding those stains. The armor-like fabric doesn’t allow dirt to penetrate easily, which makes managing them on a long trip an easy job.


Cons Of Wearing Saint Jeans For A Road Trip

  1. They Can Feel A Bit Coarse

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of wearing Saint jeans is the fabric feels coarser than your average denim pants, although they’re pretty well put together. In addition, if you wear a pair with a key ring, which you won’t find across the collection, you can feel it constantly grating against your hip. This may not be a very comfortable experience on a long ride.

Keep in mind that you’ll spend a lot of your time in a sitting position. If your jeans cut into your hip after a few minutes of sitting, the experience on a road trip won’t be good. And so, before you begin your road trip, ensure you pick the most comfortable piece in the range.

  1. They’re A Bit Thicker And Heavier Than Average Denims

Considering they’re stronger than regular jeans and the added protection offered to cater to your outdoor and road adventures, Saint jeans tend to be heavier than other denim jeans, which can be a downside for some. While they’re cool and comfortable to wear, the added thickness and weight can affect your road trip experience, especially when sitting for long hours.

  1. They Can Be Costly

Saint jeans can be more expensive than your regular jeans. But considering the features it can offer you, one can say that this is a premium choice of jeans. Aside from its durability, impact and abrasion resilience, you’d get to wear stylish jeans for your next road trip.


Ultimately, Saint jeans are made for protection, durability, and versatility. While not everything about them gets a 100% score as perfect wear for your road trip, they have qualities you’d want in a pair of jeans. Hopefully, the information above will help you judge better next time you plan to take a long ride or drive in your Saint jeans.