7 Tips To Drive Commercial Vehicles Safely


Commercial vehicles demand extra care as goods need to be carried from one place to another safely. Driving a commercial vehicle means you need to carry all the permits and credentials when you hit the road to remain safe in case of being approached by law enforcement. For instance, if you’re going through California or intend to pass through it, you need to have an authorized California dot number and a motor carrier permit. These are necessary for both in-state carriers and out-state carriers.

While on long drives and routes, commercial vehicles drivers must keep themselves and their vehicles safe from any inconvenience. In addition, they are also responsible for the safety of others on the road. This requires a few safety measures to take while they are on the go. In this article, we will discuss tips that can help commercial vehicle drivers to drive safely on the roads.

1. Avoid High-traffic Peaks

Commercial vehicles have tons of load on them which means they can move slowly on the road. Commercial vehicle drivers should make sure that they schedule to unload in less-traffic peaks if there’s no urgency. Less traffic means fewer vehicles on the road which means reduced chances of an accident and loss.


2. Avoid Overspeeding

Commercial vehicles are meant to drive slow as they carry heavy goods. You shouldn’t be bothered by the slow speed because safety comes first. Make sure you reduce the speed at turns and upcoming curves to avoid any mishap. You are responsible for the safety of goods and other people on the road. Therefore, driving at a safe limit is crucial.

3. Get Weather Updates

Being a commercial vehicle driver means most of your time will be spent driving on roads. It is necessary that you keep yourself updated about the weather before hitting the road. For instance, if it’s raining or snowing and you know your route involves steep or curves, it’s better that you delay your trip until the weather gets stable. This is because in rainy weather, the roads get slippery and there’s a chance of collateral damage.

4. Stay Alert During Night Travel

Night traveling comes with a lot of challenges especially when you’re driving a commercial vehicle. Make sure you’ve rested well before hitting the road. Be more alert and drive slower to avoid any mishap. In addition, wear a high-visibility vest or jacket when you’re driving at night. So if you step out to check your vehicle or take a break, you’re easily visible to other vehicles moving by. Moreover, take breaks and stretch after every few hours to keep your mind active.

5. Use GPS

GPS is crucial for driving safely. Commercial vehicle drivers must use a trucker’s GPS to know how far they’re from the next turn, about traffic reports, and much more. In this way, they’ll know beforehand what’s coming their way and be mentally prepared for it. The use of a trucker’s GPS allows you to travel safely without any inconvenience about the route. It is more helpful for drivers that are traveling at night because things are not that clear at night than daytime.

6. Keep A Buffer Zone

Commercial vehicles are loaded with tons of goods. It is difficult for such vehicles to make moves quickly because of excessive load. Therefore, it is imperative that commercial vehicle drivers keep a safe distance or buffer zone from the vehicle in front of them. This will ensure the safety of yourself, goods, and others on the road. In addition, move slowly and always stay alert to make quick moves when needed.

7. Abstain From Hard braking and cornering

One of the basic safety measures for commercial vehicle drivers is to abstain from hard braking, acceleration, and cornering to stay safe on the road. In addition, follow all the traffic rules and signs. Road signs are there for a reason and meant to be followed for your safety. Paying attention to road signs helps you drive safely on the road. It also ensures the safety of goods and others on the road.