Angola 2017. Market down 49%

Angola vehicles

Angola vehicles market has lost 49% in the 2017 keeping the unprecedented fall due to the long and deep recession in which the country dropped. Toyota lost 83% and the leadership, actually taken by the Italian Fiat.

Angola’s economy remains fragile despite recovering oil prices, which reached an over-three year high in January. Industrial production in the third quarter of 2017 contracted 2.3% in year-on-year terms, and exports of goods and services also dropped compared to the previous year, indicating depressed oil earnings in the period when the current upswing in global oil prices started

Angolan vehicles market in recent years suffered one of the deepest crisis ever and the hardest worldwide. Indeed, from the 29.882 sales in the 2012, when the market was one of the largest in the continent, sales collapsed at few units more than 4.000 in the 2017, hit the economic crisis.

As reported by the local association of importers (ACETRO), only last year sales declined 49.1%.

Brand wise, the 2017 was characterized by the absolute collapse of Toyota, down 83%, while the Italian Fiat gained the leadership with 612 sales (-51.6%) ahead of Suzuki and Kia.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for Top Brands


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