Argentina 2017. Volkswagen dominated a market up 29%

Argentina Auto Sales

Argentina Auto Sales 2017 hit the second best level ever, improving 29.8% from the previous year. Next year outlook is still positive and the market could hit the 1 million units, for the first time. Volkswagen dominates  with a save gap over Chevrolet.

Argentinian economy is sustained by the solid growth in fixed investment and private consumption which propelled economic growth in Q2 to a 2.7% annual expansion, the fastest rate in almost two years. The quarterly print taken together with more recent data suggest that the recovery is gaining traction. In July, economic activity expanded at the fastest in over two years and industrial production logged its fourth consecutive increase in August. Noting these economic tailwinds, the government presented the 2018 budget to Congress. The bill envisages GDP growth of 3.0% this year and 3.5% next year along with a significant narrowing of the fiscal deficit.

Argentina vehicles market in the last decades surfed on waves with sudden falls followed by sharp recovery. Actually the trend is moving up while it is too early to affirm the market is changed and no others deep crisis will arrive. The current record was established in the 2013 with 923.000 sales, before to fall down at 620.000 in the 2015. Then a positive wave started and is still on air.

The current rapid expansion is driven by the implementation of the new National Automotive Plan, sponsored by the Prime Minister, called One Million Plan, aiming to double sector employment in 5 years booming export and domestic demand. The market use to have sharp fall and increase. The all time record was hit in the 2013, before to rapidly decline at 620.000 two years later and then fast recover.

According to data released by the ACARA and the ADEFA, in the 2017 the market hot the second best results ever, with 892.739 sales (+29.8% ). The 2018 Outlook is positive and he market can finally approach the 1 million level.

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At Brand-wise, Volkswagen was market leader in the 2017 as in all recent years, selling 144.533 vehicles (+33.3%) with 16.2% of market share.

In second place Chevrolet with 122.916 units (+23.4%) followed by Renault with 115.031 (+16.1%), Ford with 114.499 (+19.9%), Fiat with 94.357 units (+27.6%), Toyota with 90.976 units (+19.9%) and Peugeot with 72.391 (+16.4%).

At model wise, the Volkswagen Gol with 44.485 (+66.7%) followed by the Renault Sandero with 37.535 (+118.7%), the Chevrolet Onix with 35.559 (+97.4%) and the Toyota Hilux with 34.036 units (+6.5%).

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Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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