Argentina 2020. In June the market signed the first monthly gain in over 2 years, up 0.8%

Argentina Auto Sales

Argentina Auto Sales in June 2020 registered the first positive performance in over two years, with 36.228 sales (+0.8%), leading Year to Date figures to 152.092 (-38.8%). Volkswagen outpaced the market with a spectacular +32.3%, while Renault and Toyota struggled.

Market Trend in June

After a complete halt in April (-90.1%) and May’s sharp drop (-47.4%), in June the Argentinian vehicles market went back on a positive track. Actually, this has been the first monthly gain in over two years. On a negative note, we must consider that in May 2019 the market dropped 60.2% and, since most car dealerships in the Greater Buenos Aires region are under new quarantine measures until at least July 17, the outlook for the next month is still gloomy.

Indeed, 36.228 sales were registered in June (+0.8%), leading Year to Date figures to 152.092 (-38.8%).

Brand-wise, in June, Volkswagen outpaced the market with a spectacular +32.3% and 18.7% of share, Renault and Toyota struggled. RAM boomed 260%, reaching the 14th position in the year to date ranking.

Post Covid19 Market Trend

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, on March 20 the Government enforced one of the strongest lockdown measures in the World, imposing the closure of factories, dealerships and registration offices for the automotive industry.

As a result, in March the new vehicles market plummeted by 51.3% with 15.287 units sold, closing the Q1 at 70.955 (-38%).

In April, national lockdown measures were held, forcing car dealerships closure for the entire month. The Automotive Registries were allowed to reopen on April 22 to process registrations. Indeed, registrations plummeted 90.1% in April at 2.997.

After reporting an awful performance in April, the Argentinian car market showed a shy sign of revival in May, as national lockdown measures ended on May 10, except for the urban area of Buenos Aires. Registrations fell down 47.4% in May with 15.039 units sold. 

Market medium terms trend

Argentina vehicles market in the last decades surfed on waves with sudden falls followed by sharp recovery. The current record was established in 2013 with 923.000 sales, before to fall down at 630.000 in 2015 and start the recovery.

A rapid expansion was driven by the implementation of the new National Automotive Plan, sponsored by the Prime Minister, called One Million Plan, aiming to double sector employment in 5 years booming export and domestic demand. The election of Macri’s government, while changed the economic policy, gave new expectations and then boost to the sector, which grew both in 2016 and 2017. Indeed, in 2017 the market hit the second best results ever, with 892.739 sales (+29.8%).

However, the last three years, the market has been disappointing, as sales dropped 11.5% in 2017, while in 2019 the huge economic crisis hardly hit the new vehicles demand and the market felt down during all the year ending with final score below the half-million units, with the worst performance in the last 15 years.

Already before the Covid19 arrival the market was further struggling.

In the first two months of 2020, according to the data released by the ACARA and the ADEFA, registrations held an awful trend, with year-to-date sales February at 55.709, down a disappointing 33% from the previous year. 

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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