Argentina 2014. Vehicles market lost 29%

Argentina Vehicles Market

In 2014 Argentina Vehicles Market collapsed with December down 43%. As effect of the harsh sales momentum, the market has lost 5 spots in the global ranking and now is the 22nd. Just Toyota & Nissan were up.

In December 2014 according to data released by ACARA and ADEFA, the Argentinian Associations of Car Manufacturers and Dealers, total new Light Passengers sold in Argentina have been 27.409, down a harsh 43.2% compared with the correspondent month last year.

The last was 12th consecutive losing month and Full Year 2014 sales have been 653.888, down 28.8% from 2013, the worse year in four.

In the 2014 Argentina has lost 5 places in the global ranking falling in 22nd.

Volkswagen registered 5.873 vehicles in December (-27.8%) ending the year with 111.950 units (-28.8%) with a share of 17.1%.

Second was Ford with 4.163 sales (-27.7%) with full year figures at 91.558 (-20.5%) and share at 14.0%, gaining two spots from the previous year.

Albeit losing 62.3% Renault was third in December partially recovering the gap to Fat, not enough to gain the third step of the annual podium, ending in fourth with 84.183 sales.

The third in 2014 was Fiat (only 6th in December) with 84.605 sales (-18.0%).

The 2014 was a year to forget for almost all players, but Toyota (7th with 64.568, +20.4%) and Nissan (10th with 5.911, +3.8%).

Looking at the report on Car Groups, the December leader was Volkswagen with 21.7% of market share, ahead of Ford with 15.1% and Renault-Nissan with 15.0%.

As far as model ranking report, the Renault Clio was the best-selling car in December with 1.735 sales despite losing over 16.3% of sales. Immediately behind arrived the Volkswagen Gol with 1.717 sales (-39.2%) and Chevrolet Classic (Corsa in Europe) with 1.441 units (+33.1%).