Australia 2018. Car market down after three years of growth

Australia Vehicles Market

Australia Vehicles Market in 2018 fell down 3.1% interrupting the three consecutive years of gain, closing with registrations at 1.152.170. Toyota, market leader with 18.9% of market share, is followed by Mazda and Hyundai. The Toyota Hilux on top, breaking all-time records.

Economic Environment

Australian economic activity hit the brakes in the third quarter as falling house prices, tightening financing conditions and sluggish wage growth squeezed consumer spending. Nevertheless, according to available indicators, growth should regain some pace in Q4 given that retail sales accelerated, the labor market continued to add jobs in October, consumer confidence improved throughout the quarter, and given the sharp drop in oil prices since early October.

Solid growth is expected in 2019. A further tightening in the labor market should translate into faster wage growth. This, coupled with moderate inflationary pressures, ought to stoke consumer spending. Moreover, robust demand for commodities will support the external sector while fixed investment is expected to expand, albeit at an modest pace, buttressed by rising non-mining business investment and public infrastructure spending.

Market Trend

Australian vehicles market continues its expansion, moderate, by grade, but endless. In the last five years annual car passenger’s sales grew from 1.072.000 in 2012 up over 100k in the last year, with a steady positive trend. Indeed, according to data released by the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructures, in the 2017 the total vehicles industry scored again the All Time Record, the third in a row, with a moderate gain over the previous year.

In the 2018 the Australian vehicles market was moderately negative, despite a quite positive start. Indeed, the market has hit the brakes ending the three consecutive years of growth, returning to its lowest level since 2014. However, this year has registered the 4th highest annual result in history, closing with 1.152.170 units sold, with a drop of 3.1%.

Competitive Arena

Brand-wise, Toyota is on top of the ranking for the 16th consecutive year, with 217.061 units sold (+0.2%) and with 18.9% of market share.

In second place Mazda with 111.280 (-4.4%) ahead of Hyundai with 94.187 (-2.9%), Mitsubishi with 84.944 (+5.3%), Ford with 69.081 units (-11.6%), Holden with 60.751 sales (-32.7%), Kia with 58.815 (+7.5%), Nissan with 57.699 (+2%) Volkswagen with 56.620 (-2.4%) and Honda with 51.525 (+10.1%).

The 2018 best-selling model is again the Toyota Hilux, breaking all-time records in terms of volume and market share, with sales at 51.705 (+9.8%) followed by the Ford Ranger with 42.144 (-1.4%) and the Toyota Corolla, with sales lifted in September by the pre-summer registrations for renting sector and with year to date sales at 35.320 (-5.4%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models.

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