Australia. In 2019 the market fell down 7.5%

Australia Vehicles Market

Australia Vehicles Market in 2019 registered a significant drop, matching the shy economic environment. Indeed, Total annual sales have been 1.063.922 (including near 26.000 HCVs), down 7.5%. Toyota reached 19.9% of share, while Holden signed the 10th consecutive decline, collapsing at 4.2%.

Economic Environment

Australian economic growth was lackluster in the third quarter, restrained by feeble private domestic spending. Falling mining and dwelling investment, despite a loose monetary policy stance, caused fixed investment to dip in the quarter, while meagre wage growth and a higher saving ratio offset recent tax cuts and translated into anemic consumer spending.

On the other hand, the external sector continued to support growth, powered by strong commodity exports, which led to a wider current account surplus in the quarter. Turning to Q4, jobs shedding, feeble retail sales in October and downbeat consumer confidence throughout the quarter all point to subdued household spending, while business surveys signal only limited improvements.

Market Trend

Australian vehicles market has moderately expanded between the 2012 and the 2017. Indeed, annual car passenger’s sales grew from 1.072.000 in 2012 up over 100k in the 2017, with a steady positive trend. Indeed, according to data released by the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructures, in the 2017 the total vehicles industry scored the All Time Record, with a moderate gain over the previous year.

In the 2018 the Australian vehicles market was moderately negative, despite a quite positive start. Indeed, the market has hit the brakes ending the three consecutive years of growth, returning to its lowest level since 2014. However, this year has registered the 4th highest annual result in history, closing with 1.152.170 units sold, with a drop of 3.1%.

In 2019 the market has mirrored the shy economic environment and has further lost volume, with the full-year down 7.5%. Indeed, Total annual sales have been 1.063.922  (including near 26.000 HCVs).

Three brands were stable on the top of the list, with Toyota leader with 19.9% of share, Mazda in second with 9.4% and Hyundai in third with 8.3%. The emerging brand was Mitsubishi, ending in fourth place. After having established the record share last year at 7.5%, actually navigates at 8.0% and can attack the podium in 2020.

Many brands gained share in the market due to the big space left by Ford, declined in 2018 at 6.1% (and stable this year) from 8.8% in the 2010 and Holden, really collapsed from 12.3% of share in the 2010 at 5.4% in the 2018 and ending the 2019 with the 10th consecutive decline, at 4.2%.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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