Belgium 2016. At the highest level in 5 years

Belgium Cars Market

Belgium Cars Market 2016 at the best out of the last five years and at the third best sales level ever after the 2011 record and the 2010. Renault was leader but Infiniti starred as fastest growing brand.

Market Outlook

In November, consumer confidence improved slightly but remained historically low as households continue to be careful with spending. The Belgian economy will likely decelerate compared to last year and, according to a recent report by the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium, the terrorist attacks have played a significant role in hampering growth in several key sectors.

As reported by the FEBIAC  (Federation Belgie de L’automobile et du cycle) the total new cars passengers sold in December had been 33.523, up 2.4%.

The domestic cars industry kept a moderate growing speed, hitting the third best sales level ever, just 32.700 units far from the previous record established in the 2011. The full year sales volume was up 7.7% at 539.520 units, the best out of the last five years.

Competitive Arena

In 2016 Renault triumphed posting almost 56.000 units (+11.7%), while among the highest growths of the year there were DS, Jaguar, Honda, Mazda, Lexus and SsangYong. The best performances were reported by Infiniti (+206.8%).

Chevrolet hit the sharpest slowdown, losing 50.0%, followed by others remarkable losses recorded by Lancia, Lotus, Ferrari, and Citroen.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands and top 10 Manufacturers Group.


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