Bolivia 2018. Suzuki leader in a market up 4%

bolivia autos

Bolivian autos market in the 2018 was almost stable with 34.000 sales, just 4% over the previous year, when the introduction of new emission rules hit the market after a long series of record years. Despite the strong presence of Chinese brands, Japanese are still market leader, with Suzuki on top of the list.

Bolivian economy kept the momentum in the second half of 2018. Exports rebounded strongly in October and a jump in natural gas prices at year-end likely buttressed gains further. In addition, subdued inflation is seen supporting private consumption, although remittance inflows have weakened after posting a record high in the first half of the year.

The automotive industry in the 2018 has been stable, with sales up a mere 4% from the previous year, when the introduction of new limits for imported vehicles emission has hit the market, breaking the outstanding series of 12 consecutive record years, with a drop near 20% from the 2016 record.

After having stabilized, the market in the 2018 was flat at 34.000 units, despite the strong battle for market share among all players – over 180 – distributed in the country.

The market leader was again – as traditionally happens since a decade – the Japanese Suzuki, but their share of market is declining.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for Top Brands

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