Bosnia: 2013 car market dropped down for the sixth year in a row.


In the entire 2013, according with data released by the Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange of Bosnia and Herzegovina, total light vehicles sold in the country have been 6.368, down a dramatic 24.9% from the previous year.The market in falling down since 2008 and the entire year was negative ending with December sales at only 470 units, losing one-third of previous year sales.

The country is in near a cliff of a social disruption as tough economic crisis bowed the knee to a State already weak and no effective actions as been taken. Moreover, waiting for October 2014 politic elections, in the 2014 the Government would avoid structural restructuring at the obsolete and bureaucratic  State organization and should fail in supporting an economic recovery. Consequently the only reason why the car market could stop falling is the very low-level actually achieved.

In 2013 the market leader was Skoda with 1.074 sales and 16.7% of share, down 2.0 points from 2012. Just few units behind there was Volkswagen, with 16.3% of share while two brands were second, Renault and Opel both with 549 sales and 8.6% of share.

Skoda Octavia was the best-selling model with 500 retails and 7.5% of share, followed by Volkswagen Golf with 396 retails and Opel Astra with 275.

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