Botswana 2018. Car market down three years in a row

botswana vehicles

Botswana vehicles sales in 2018 went down for the third time in a row, registering 6.468 units (-3.5%). The market was still dominated by Toyota, with 42.4% of share, followed by Nissan and Isuzu, both improving in double digits.

Botswana’s economy was relatively weak in the final stretch of 2018, after growth slowed to a one-year low in the third quarter due to a contraction in mining output. Growth of bank lending to households moderated in October–November compared to the Q3 average which, coupled with higher inflationary pressures in Q4, likely dragged on consumer spending gains.

On the external front, merchandise exports plunged in November due to significantly lower shipments of diamonds, which led to the largest monthly trade deficit in over six years. This follows similarly disappointing trade metrics in October, suggesting that the external sector may have weighed on overall activity in Q4.

The Botwana’s vehicles market was influenced by the slow domestic economy, which reduced consumer’s demand for new vehicles. Indeed, the car market reported a contraction in 2016 and 2017, after the peak of 7.650 sales hit in 2015, registering 6.743 units in 2017.

In 2018, the market kept falling, signing the third consecutive year of decline in a row. Indeed, the year ended with sales at 6.468, down 3.5%.

In the competitive landscape, Toyota – the market leader – has sold 2.743 vehicles (+10.5%) with market share at 42.4%. In second place, Nissan with 1.027 units (+17.9%) ahead of Isuzu with 437 (+49.7%).

Market Outlook

After a series of negative performances, the Botswana’s market was still on a negative track in 2018, signing the third year of decline in a row. Indeed, the market is expected to be still unstable during the 2019-2025 period of time.

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