Botswana 2017. Double digit fall in diamond business hit new cars demand

botswana vehicles

Botswana vehicles sales in 2017 mirrored the decline of internal economy due to the double-digit contraction of diamonds export. New vehicles sales fell down for the second year in a row. Toyota at 36% of share ahead of Nissan and Ford.

Botswana’ economy spent a slow year in the 2017 as overseas sales for diamonds contracted at a double-digit rate. Diamond exports account for the vast majority of the country’s exports and overseas sales in the fourth quarter fell by nearly a fifth over the same period a year earlier. Moreover, even though imports grew marginally in December, data for the full year shows weak domestic demand, which is likely to have contracted somewhat in 2017.

The slow speed of internal economy have reduced consumer’s demand for new vehicles and the automotive sector reported a contraction in the 2017 for the second year in a row. Indeed, after the peak of 7.541 sales hit in the 2015, last year sales have been 6.743, down 7.8% from the previous year.

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The market leader Toyota has sold 2.482 vehicles (-11.5%) with market share at 36.8%.

In second place Nissan with 871 units (+16.6%) followed by Ford (-6.5%), Volkswagen (-5.7%), Chevrolet (-3.5%) and Mazda (-21.7%).

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