Botswana 2015. Vehicles market hit the new record

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Botswana vehicles market in 2015 hit the new all time record albeit the country’s economy suffered from the slump in commodity prices. Toyota led the growth maintaining the tremendous 50% of market share.

Market Outlook

Last year, Botswana’s economy suffered from the slump in commodity prices and contracted for the first time in six years. On 29 April, rating agency S&P Global Ratings confirmed its sovereign credit ratings for Botswana but revised the country’s outlook from stable to negative.

However, the new vehicles market kept the momentum growing at the new all time record level with 7.650 sales, up 1.4%

Throughout the 2015, Toyota was the brand leader,up 6.9%, and market share at 50.2%. In second place was Mazda, which conquered one place from the 2014, improving sales by +34.0% ahead of Volkswagen, +23.2%.

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