Madagascar 2015: Auto industry keeps declining

Madagascar Car Sales in 2015 reported a new decline maintaining the declining trend started immediately after the record hit in the 2012. Toyota was leader again despite the strong jump of Hyundai landed in second place.

Algeria 2015. Market dropped 25%. Dacia and Renault shine

Algeria Vehicles Market in 2015 dropped 25% reporting the second heavy lost in a row. However, Renault and Dacia had been stable gaining several points of share and now dominate the competition.

South Africa best selling cars ranking

South Africa best selling cars. The top 100 of the 2015.

South Africa best selling cars ranking in the 2015 led by Volkswagen Polo Vivo locally produced and dominator since years with a good gap over the pick ups Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger.

Egypt 2015. Domestic sales at 2nd best level ever

Egypt Vehicles Industry in 2015 at the second best ever sales volume, losing 4% from the record posted in the 2014. The winner was Renault jumped in 5th place. Others strong performers had been Ford and Mazda.

Morocco 2015. Auto Industry hit a new record again

Morocco Cars Market in 2015 hit the new all time record thanks to sales boomed 43% in December, traditionally the strongest month of the year. While Dacia dominates with 28% of share, Nissan doubled sales.

South Africa Car Market

South Africa 2015. Market moderately negative

South Africa Car Market 2015 fell down for the second year in a row due to negative economic environment and low consumer's demand. Ford and Renault gained space thanks to the successful introduction of new models.

Senegal 2014. Vehicle market grew 9%. Toyota Hilux the best seller

Senegal vehicle market grew 9% in the 2014. Toyota Hilux the best seller followed by others pick ups such as Mitsubishi L200 and Ford Rangers. Toyota is the market leader with a market relatively low.

Mozambique 2014. Demand for cars moderately up

Mozambique car market in the 2014 was over the World's top 100 with figures rose at 6.756 units after ten years of stable and moderate growth. The best seller was Toyota

Reunion Island

Reunion island is the 10th largest vehicles market in Africa.

Reunion Island is the 10th largest vehicles market in Africa and during the 2014 confirmed the momentum posting the best sales year since 2009. It is dominated by French makers with 48% of share. Peugeot 208 was the best-selling model.

Nigeria Vehicles Market

Nigeria 2014. New vehicles market up 11%

Nigeria Vehicles Market rose 11% in the 2014 standing below observers expectations despite the start of the new Automotive National Plan. Chinese carmakers are growing fast while the leader Toyota's sales fell down.