Panama 2022. Auto Market Doubled Driven By Strong Toyota, Hyundai And Kia Sales

Panama Auto Sector reported a dramatic growth in 2022. Sales grew at 42.169 sales (+107.7%) with an amazing performance for all traditional OEMs, plus the fast growth of Chinese new challengers.

Panama 2021. Suzuki Gains The Leadership In A Fast Recovering Auto Market

Panama Automotive Industry rebound in 2021. Total vehicles registered were 20.330 (+103.7%) with all months growing y.-o.-y. and all OEMs participating to the recovery. Suzuki is the new leader.

Honduras 2014. Car market joined the World’s top 100 club

Honduras car market in the 2014 was within the World's top 100 with figures rose at 12.600 units after four years of growth. The best seller was Toyota, followed by Nissan and Ford. Best-selling model was the Toyota Hilux.

Martinique 2016. Strong sales at best since 2008

Martinique Vehicles Market 2016 crossed for the first time since 2008 the 14.000 annual milestone thanks to a positive economic mood. Peugeot beat the rival Renault, just for peanuts ,pushed up by the demand on 208.

Costa Rica Vehicle Market

Costa Rica 2014. Vehicle Market rose 4%

In 2014 Costa Rica Vehicle Market rose 4% fueled by positive economic environment and used vehicles import cut. Toyota kept the crown as best-selling brand ahead of Koreans competitors.

Guatemala vehicles market

Guatemala 2018. Used cars import keeps penalizing the new vehicles sales

Guatemala vehicles market dropped down 3.5% in 2018 for the third year in a row.  The new vehicles' market is experiencing a severe erosion due to the importation of used cars. Ford and Hyundai shine within the Top10, while the leadership is still held Toyota.

Jamaica vehicles market

Jamaica 2017. Toyota on top albeit losing share

Jamaica vehicles market in the 2017 scored the second negative year in a row, albeit improved economic environment. The arrival of new players in a so small market is increasing the competition reducing the share of traditional brands, including the leader, Toyota.

Bermuda car market

Bermuda 2020. Kia’s leadership is reinforced in a market down 21.8%

Bermuda vehicles market falls due to the global pandemic affecting sales. Indeed, Full Year 2020 sales have been 1.123, down 21.8% compared to 2019. Kia remains in a solid position of leadership, followed by Toyota and Hyundai.

Honduras New Vehicles

Honduras 2016. Import of “fresh” used penalized new cars market

Honduras New Vehicles sales in the 2016 had been penalized by the strong import of "fresh" new vehicles and dropped down from the previous year record level. Toyota was again market leader over Hyundai and Kia, but Nissan was the fastest growing.

Panama 2016. New all time record, the 6th in a row

Panama light vehicles market scored in the 2016 he sixth all time record in a row, keeping the slow and stable trend and pushed up by one of best economy in the region. Toyota still on top but Hyundai is fast improving.