Honduras 2015. New all time record, up 13%

Honduras Vehicles Sales in 2015 improved for the fourth year in a row, hitting the new all time record with 14.292 sales, fueled by internal demand, gaining strength during the year. However, new new vehicles are still penalized by used imported cars.

Car Market in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico 2014. Auto Market down in double digit.

In 2014 the Car Market in Puerto Rico fell in double digit, following the positive score of the previous year. Toyota stands on top of the list while Mazda and Infiniti were the fastest growing. Corolla was again the king.

Guatemala vehicles market

Guatemala 2018. Used cars import keeps penalizing the new vehicles sales

Guatemala vehicles market dropped down 3.5% in 2018 for the third year in a row.  The new vehicles' market is experiencing a severe erosion due to the importation of used cars. Ford and Hyundai shine within the Top10, while the leadership is still held Toyota.