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Mexico 2022. MG Booms (+194.1%) In Growing Vehicle Market (+7.0%)

Mexico Cars Market in 2022 totals 1.09 million sales (+7.0%). In December demand grew for the 8th month in a row, with 120,862 new registrations (+24.1%). MG up 194.1%.

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Mexico 2021. Best selling cars ranking

Mexico best-selling cars ranking in 2021 reported the Nissan Versa still on top, maintaining the leadership with a 6.9% market share and 69,775 units sold. The Chevrolet Beat falls from 3rd place to 8th.

Mexico 2021. Chevrolet Falls 16.4%, Underperforming A Market Up 6.4%

Mexico's vehicle market in 2021 rises by 6.4% with 1 million sales, reporting a positive performance in Q2 and Q3, but started falling again in Q4. Chevrolet reports the worst performance, falling 16.4%.

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Mexico 2020. Best selling cars ranking

Mexico best-selling cars ranking in 2020 reported the Nissan Versa again on top, maintaining the leadership with a 7.1% market share and 68.013 units sold. The Nissan March overtakes the Chevrolet Aveo which is also the top 10 worst performer with a loss of 56.1% compared to last year.

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Mexico 2020. Market falls 28% and returns to 2011 level

Mexico car market in 2020 falls by 28% as the pandemic and restrictions affect sales. Full-Year sales have been 949.121, the lowest level since 2011. Ford reports the worst performance on the leaderboard by losing 35.4%.

Mexico Autos Market Report 2010-2019

Mexico Vehicles Market Report 2010-2018 features historical data and insights plus professional forecast on new vehicles sales by type, manufacturer, brand and model providing an easy-to-use picture of current and future competitive landscape.


Mexico. In 2019 market down for the third consecutive year while Ford kept collapsing

Mexico Cars Market in 2019 has lost terrain for the third year in a row. Indeed, Full-year sales in 2019 were 1.317.937, down 7.6%. Nissan dominated with 20.1% of share, while Ford ended the year below 5% share, losing half of the quota since the 2010.

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Mexico. Best selling cars ranking in the 2019

Mexico best-selling cars ranking in 2019 reported the Nissan Versa leading the scene, despite being down 4.6%. The Kia Rio was the best performing in the Top 10, surging 11.6%. Disappointing trend held by the Nissan Sentra, losing over 35%.
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Mexico best selling cars. The top 100 in the 2018

Mexico best selling cars ranking in the 2018 with the Nissan Versa leader again, but with a negative trend, followed by the Chevrolet Aveo with a great performance, and the Chevrolet Beat. The top SUV is the Honda CR-V ranking 10th, despite losing 14.8% of sales

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Mexico 2018. Nissan is losing terrain in a market down 7%

Mexico Cars Market has lost 7.1% in 2018 confirming the decline with actually 20 months of consecutive fall. Nissan on top of the list is losing share and now is at 21%, 4 points down in two years while BAIC is the first Chinese brand landed in the country, with 2.000 sales.