Chilean Auto Market

Chile 2017. Auto sale at second best result ever

Chilean Auto Market fast moved up in the 2017 improving sales by 17.9% and hitting the second best results ever. Strong economic momentum and higher copper price are sustaining consumers confidence and demand. Chery, Jac and Volkswagen shining.

The 2023 Toyota Crown

Chile 2023. Toyota Takes Leadership Out Of Chevrolet In An Harsh Market (-26.7%)

Chilean Vehicles Market lost sharply in 2023. Following the previous year record, sales declined unexpectedly by 26.7% reaches 312,191 sales. Toyota took the leadership overtaking Chevrolet.

Chilean Vehicles Market

Chile. Vehicle market down 10.6% in 2019

Chilean Vehicles Market in 2019 has declined, hit by economic and social difficulties, after reaching in 2018 the all-time sales record. Indeed, Total sales have been 373.277, down 10.6%. Chevrolet was still market leader despite losing near 8 points of share in 10 years.

Chilean Vehicles Market

Chile 2018. Chevrolet is back on top in market up 15%

Chilean Vehicles Market in 2018 grew 15%, keeping the positive trend of recent years, ending with registrations at 417.354. Chevrolet is the new market leader, ahead of Suzuki and Hyundai. Outstanding performances were registered by Volkswagen and Jeep.

Chile Auto Sales

Chile 2016. Auto market finally is recovering

Chile Auto Sales 2016 back over the 0.3 million units, after the sharp slowdown of the previous year. Hyundai was finally the leader, outpacing the historic leader Chevrolet.

Chile car market

Chile 2021. Vehicle Market Rises 60.6%, While Chery Shines

Chilean market in 2021 rises by 60.6% with 415,612 sales, reporting growth all year long. Chery reports the most impressive performance, gaining 248.9% and rising 8 spots.