Cambodia car market

Cambodia 2020. Mazda plummets (-40%) and loses share in market down 20.9%

Cambodian auto market in 2020 falls by 20.9% as the pandemic,  lockdowns, and fall in tourism affect sales. Full-Year sales have been 18.718, while Mazda plummets by 40% and loses 4.1% share.

cambodian auto market

Cambodia 2019. Light vehicles market hit the new All-Time record

Cambodian Auto market In the 2019 the market even accelerated probably for the combined effect of the reduction of grey market and strong consumer demand and hit the new all time record, with full year sales at 8.560 unit, up 6.6%.

cambodian auto market

Cambodia 2018. Market up 8% despite absurd duties on import

Cambodian Auto market keeps growing despite the absurd fiscal system in place, which penalized the import of regular new vehicles sustaining trading activities for pre-registered models and for pre-owned obsolete vehicles. In the 2018 the market improved 8%

Cambodian vehicles market

Cambodia 2017. High duties blocked new vehicles sales

Cambodian vehicles market is full of contradictions and the increase of duties over new vehicles registrations generated a relevant flow of grey market for near zero kilometers cars while the official market growth was blocked. Full Year 2017 official sales declined 0.8%

Cambodia 2016. New all time record sales despite duties on the sky

Cambodia Autos 2016 pushed up by strong economic growth hitting the new all time record and gaining the 10% of total vehicles imported in the country, albeit duties improved at over 125%. Hyundai the leader.

Cambodia 2015. New Vehicles sales up moderately

Cambodia New vehicles industry improved a little in the 2015 hurt by the strong presence of used vehicles import and despite the opening of several new shops and same local production. Toyota lead.