Myanmar Auto Market Data & Report

Myanmar Auto Market is tracked with the last decade sales figures by all brands and models. You can have access to an Excel Dataset or to a Market Report, including next year's forecast.

Myanmar car market

Myanmar 2020. Leader Suzuki halves its sales (-49.5%), while market loses 19.5%

Myanmar auto market in 2020 falls by 19.5% as the pandemic,  lockdowns, and fall in tourism affect sales. Full-Year sales have been 15.721, while the leader Suzuki halves its sales and loses an impressive 11.4% market share.

Myanmar 2016. Suzuki starts production in a new record market

Myanmar Auto Sales 2016 at the new all time record again albeit disappointing steps in economic activity and delay on investment regulations. Suzuki celebrates the start of local plant jumping in second place.

The 2022 Suzuki -Cross

Myanmar 2022. Vehicles Market Recovers 60.2% From Previous Year Collapse

Myanmar Vehicles Industry in 2022 totaled 13,262 sales, a 60.2% increase from the previous year. In fact,  December reported the 11th consecutive positive month, with 1,527 new registrations (+166.5%).

Myanmar vehicles industry

Myanmar 2018. Ford is the new leader in booming market

Myanmar Vehicles Industry dramatically changed in the 2018, with volumes increased 71.6%, hitting an all-time record with 11.882 units sold. The introduction of several restrictions on right-hand-drive imports and the opening of a new Ford plant has boosted demand.

Myanmar Vehicles Market in 2015 jumped up sustained by a strong economic growth.

Myanmar Vehicles Market in 2015 jumped up sustained by a strong economic growth. The market is mainly driven by demand for commercial vehicles and Toyota plays the rule of market leader.