Pakistan car market

Pakistan 2020. Leader Suzuki halves sales (-47.1%) in market down 33.6%

Pakistani vehicles market in 2020 falls by 33.6% as the pandemic and lockdowns affect sales. Full-Year sales have been 127.939, while the leader Suzuki lost 10.4% market share, dropping 47.1%.

Pakistani Vehicles Sales

Pakistan. Vehicle market ending at lowest volume since 2014, down 26.8%

Pakistani Vehicles Sales in 2019 has sharply declined, falling at the lowest volume since 2014. Indeed, the Full-year ended at 186.588 units sold, losing 26.8% from the previous year. Suzuki held almost 57.3% of share, while Honda has crumbled down 42.6%.

Pakistani Vehicles Sales

Pakistan 2018. JAC lands in a market up 6.9%

Pakistani Vehicles Sales grew 6.9% in 2018 with a second consecutive year of gain, breaking the quarter-million threshold, ending at 264.442. Suzuki kept the lead of the market with over 50% of market share, while JAC joined the battlefield.

Pakistani Vehicles Sales

Pakistan 2017. Auto sales boomed 18%, hitting the record

Pakistan Auto Sales boomed in the 2017 increasing over 18% and hitting the new all time record. Suzuki dominates the market with over 50% of market share, but Honda was the fastest growing brand, after launching the new BR-V.

Pakistan Auto Market

Pakistan Full Year 2016. Sales down hit by economic environment

Pakistan Auto Market 2016 fell down following the previous year outstanding score while standing over the 0.2 million units level. The huge sales potential is limited by the government restrictions on importing cars.

Pakistan vehicles sales

Pakistan vehicles sales in 2015 at new All Time Record.

Pakistan vehicles sales in 2015 celebrates the New All Time Record, first time above the 200.000 units thanks to a roaring sales speed fueled by macroeconomic stability and positive perspectives.

Pakistan Vehicle Market

Thanks to December rush the Pakistan Vehicle Market was up in the 2014.

Thanks to December rush the Pakistan Vehicle Market was up in the 2014 albeit the deep loss scored in the first half. Great news for Japanese carmakers that are dominating the market, with Suzuki share at 53%.