Kazakhstan Auto Market Data & Report

Kazakhstan Auto Market is tracked with the last decade sales figures by all brands and models. You can have access to an Excel Dataset or to a Market Report, including next year's forecast.

Kazakhstan Vehicles Sales

Kazakhstan 2017. Auto sales recovered a little 5%

Kazakhstan Vehicles Sales  in the 2017 recovered just 5% after the over 50% fall reported in the previous year. Toyota is market leader while the new brand Ravon grew up in third place. Renault and Kia are struggling.

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Kazakhstan 2014. Vehicles sales stable at highest level ever

In 2014 the car market in Kazakhstan slipped 1% from the record scored in the previous year. The market was the 43rd at global level. The Group Renault-Nissan dominates.

Kazakhstan car market

Kazakhstan 2020. Vehicles market grows impressively (+29.1%) despite COVID-19

Kazakhstan vehicle market in 2020 gains 29.1% despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Full-year sales have been 92.869, while every month has reported double-digit growth except April when sales declined by 79.1%. Chevrolet impressively reaches the 4th position by jumping 10 spots.

Kazakhstan car market

Kazakhstan 2021. Chevrolet Reaches The Top Of The Leaderboard In Market Effectively Growing

Kazakhstan's Auto market in 2021 rises by 28.6% with 119,454 sales, reporting a very strong performance all year. Chevrolet reached the top of the leaderboard, gaining 199.2% sales.

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Kazakhstan 2022. Kia and Lexus Grow More Than 40% In Market Up 1.8%

Kazakhstan vehicles market in 2022 totaled 121,647 sales, a 1.8% increase from 2021.  Kia and Lexus rose more than 40% in new light vehicle registrations.

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Kazakhstan 2016. Auto sales collapsed

Kazakhstan Auto Sales 2016 collapsing for the third year in a row hit by the energy sector crisis. The market felt down at the 2012 level losing over 20 spots in the global ranking.