Liechtenstein auto

Liechtenstein 2018. Volkswagen leads in a market down 8.8%

Liechtenstein auto market in the 2018 fell again by 8.8% keeping the negative tone of the previous year, ending with sales at 1.823. Volkswagen led the market - down 15.6% - ahead of BMW and Audi. Ford jumps in 5th position, up 36.7%.

Bosnian vehicles market

Bosnia. In 2019 the market signed the 6th consecutive growth in a string

Bosnian vehicles market in 2019 has reported the 6th consecutive growing year. Indeed, Total sales have been 9.866, up 1.8% from the previous year. Skoda held 18.1% of share, increasing the gap from Volkswagen, which declined by 28.6%. Dacia gained the market podium.

Serbia Car Market

Serbia 2017. Car sales up for the third year in a row

Serbia Car Market kept the momentum in the 2017 increasing 9.7% despite weaker than expected private consumption and small increase in labor market figures. On top of the ranking, the local producer Fiat with a safe margin over Skoda and Volkswagen.

Georgian vehicles market

Georgia. In 2019 Renault jumped in 2nd place while market soared 39.2%

Georgian vehicles market in 2019 has further improved. Indeed, Total sales in 2019 have been 5.670, soaring at 39.2%. Renault was the star of the year, jumping in second position with an impressive trend, while Ford gained the market podium.

Serbia 2021. Dacia Underperforms (-26.2%) In Market Gaining 16.4%

Serbia's car market in 2021 rises by 16.4% with 30,554 sales, gaining only in Q2 and Q3. Dacia is the only brand to report a drop in sales, falling 26.2%.

Bosnia Herzegovina Car Market

Bosnia Herzegovina 2014. Car Market up a shy 2%

In 2014 the Bosnia Herzegovina Car Market rose only 2% despite the level of the industry stands at lowest level in 30 years. Volkswagen has overtaken Skoda on top of the list.

Bosnia 2016. Strong market recovery, at best since 2010

Bosnia Auto Sales 2016 rebounded after having bottomed out in the second half 2015. Annual volume at the best since 210 was anyhow far from the pre-crisis level. Volkswagen was the leader.