Czech car market

Czech Republic 2021. Seat Impresses In Market Falling Progressively Deeper In The Second Half

Czech Republic's Auto market in 2021 rises by 2% with 206,950 sales, reporting a very Q2, followed by a progressively dropping second-half of the year. Seat reports the best performance this year, gaining 46.2%.

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Czech Republic 2020. Best selling cars ranking

Czech Republic best-selling cars leaderboard in 2020 is dominated by Skoda. The Skoda Octavia -which has been on top for the last decade- is first,  followed by the Skoda Fabia and the Skoda Scala.

Czech car market

Czech Republic 2020. Skoda consolidates leadership in market down 18.8%

Czech Republic auto market in 2020 falls by 18.8% as the pandemic and lockdowns affect sales. Full-Year sales have been 202.971, while the local brand Skoda reaches the highest share (36.8%) since 2016, further distancing competition.

Czech Republic best selling cars

Czech Republic 2019. Best selling cars ranking. The top 100

Czech Republic best selling cars in 2019 was again the Skoda Octavia, which has dominated over the last decade, followed by the Skoda Fabia and the fast-growing Skoda Karoq. The Skoda Scala landed in 7th place.

Czech Republic Autos sales

Czech Republic 2019. Auto market -4.5% penalized by national economy slowdown

Czech Republic Autos sales closed 2019 at 248.896, down 4.5%, following years of strong growth. The market has been penalized by a less positive momentum for the national economy. Skoda has further reinforced its dominion on the market thanks to the launch of the new Scala, while Dacia and Peugeot hit record share.

Czech Republic best selling cars

Czech Republic best selling cars. The Top 100 in the 2018

Czech Republic best selling cars ranking in the 2018 registers the Skoda Octavia at the top of the list, followed by the Skoda Fabia and the Skoda Rapid. Impressive performances were scored by the Peugeot 2008, the Dacia Dokker and the Volkswagen Polo.

Czech Auto Market

Czech Republic 2018. Car market pushed the brakes

Czech Republic Autos sales in 2018 fell 1.6%, following a series of records scored in the previous years, closing with sales at 267.370. Skoda, the market leader, is followed by Volkswagen and Hyundai.  However, the most impressive performance was scored by Peugeot in 6th place.

Czech Republic Autos sales

Czech Republic 2017. Toyota the star in a record market

Czech Republic Autos sales in 2017 hit the new all time record both in cars and lcvs segment, keeping an amazing series of records. Skoda takes the 30% plus market share with new SUV Karoq already in the top ten. Toyota was the star of the year, up 45%.

Czech Republic Auto Market

Czech Republic 2016. Auto industry again at record

Czech Republic Auto Market 2016 kept the roaring track scoring the third all time record in a row, first time over a quarter of million cars sold, while Skoda's global sales further improved.

Czech Republic Vehicles Market

Czech Republic market report. November 2016

Czech Republic Vehicles Market in November increased moderately, thanks to the improving of economic sentiment. Skoda monopolized the models list.