Ireland 2023. Best Selling Cars Top 50 Ranking

Ireland Best Selling Cars ranking in 2023 sees the Hyundai Tucson on top of the leaderboard (-18.6%). Followed by the Toyota Corolla in 2nd (+6.2%) and the Kia Sportage in 3rd (+3.3%).

Ireland Best Selling Cars

Ireland Best Selling Cars. The top 100 in the 2017

Ireland Best Selling Cars 2017 with the Hyundai Tucson, on top for the second consecutive year. Just two models gained volume among the top 10, the Kia Sportage in 7th and the Volkswagen Tiguan, the hero of the year, up 18 spots.

Irishi Car market

Ireland 2017. Auto market down 10%

Irish Autos Sales fell down 10.4% in the 2017 with consumer confidence hit by EC focus on reducing the fiscal impact of internet company based in the country and government is negotiating for BREXIT effects. While losing 10% Volkswagen was market leader.

Irish Car Market

Ireland market report. November 2016

Ireland Vehicles Market in November is grounded, while the year to date tally remained robust. Hyundai kept the leadership with a narrow gap from Volkswagen.

Irish car market

Ireland 2020. Toyota Corolla keeps the throne in a market down 24.6%

Ireland auto market in 2020 falls by 24.6% as the pandemic and lockdowns affect sales, in fact, Full-Year sales have been 88.324. The Toyota Corolla remains the most sold car in the country again.
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Ireland 2021. Best selling cars ranking

Ireland Best Selling Cars in 2021 sees the Hyundai Tucson overtaking the former leader, the Toyota Corolla. Impressive performance scored by the Toyota Yaris, rising from 10th place to 3rd.