Dutch Cars Market

Netherlands 2016. The lowest sales level in 21st century

Dutch Cars Market 2016 dropped at the lowest level in the twenty-first century, below the 0.4 million units for the third time in the last twenty years, hit by "green" incentives pull ahead of previous year.

Netherlands car market

Netherlands 2015. Sales up a robust 16%

Netherlands car market in 2015 shows a robust recovery with December booming 91% thanks to sales anticipation for the green tax increase due on January 2016. Volkswagen defended the leadership from Peugeot assault.

The 2022 Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet

Netherlands 2021. Leader Volkswagen Significantly Underperforms Market Losing 8.9%

Dutch car market in 2021 falls 8.9% with 324,710 sales, reporting double-digit drops all year except Q2. Leader Volkswagen reports the worst performance, losing 30.3%, while Opel drops in 10th place.

Netherlands Autos Sales

Netherlands 2017. Toyota shines in a market up 7%

Netherlands Autos Sales recovered 7% in the 2017 after the previous year fall. Albeit losing volume, Volkswagen stands on top of the list while Renault in second has reduced the gap. The star of the year was Toyota, thanks to hybrid line up, up 30%.

Dutch Automotive Industry

Netherlands 2014. Th auto industry fell down for the fourth year in a string

2014 was the fourth falling year in a row for the Dutch Automotive Industry and December was down again, seventh month in a streak. Peugeot and its 308 kept an impressive pace ending the year just behind Volkswagen.

Dutch Auto Market

Netherlands 2019. Tesla gains the podium while market completes a last-minute recovery

Dutch Auto Market in 2019 was stable. Indeed Total annual sales have been 444.093 up 0.6%, completing a last-minute recovery with December almost doubling its sales. Second in the World (after Norway), the country celebrates the leadership of a Tesla, the model 3, which is the best-selling model boosting the brand market share at 7%.

The 2022 Seat Arona

Netherlands 2023. Auto Market Gained Volume Rising 18.6% From 2022

Dutch Auto Market in 2023 closed with a total of 369,244 sales, an 18.6% increase compared to last year. Despite December reporting a 14.3% loss, 10 months this year grew in volume.