Norwegian Auto Market

Norway 2018. EVs segment at 62% in a market down 6%

Norwegian Auto Market lost 6% in the 2018 following the previous year all time record. After over a decade of Volkswagen Golf dominion, new Nissan Leaf has taken the throne of best-seller pushing Nissan up a fantastic 124% and EV/Hybrid segment at 62% mix.

Norway best-selling models

Norway best selling cars in the 2015. The top 100 ranking

Norway best selling models ranking in the 2015 is dominated by the Volkswagen Golf, thanks to the success of the electric version, with a wide gap over the immediate followers, the Toyota Auris and the Skoda Octavia.

Norway best selling models 2016. The top 100

Norway best selling models 2016 ranking shows many new stars behind the usual leader, the Volkswagen Golf. EVs and Hybrids models dominate the scene with BMW i3 jumped in 8th.

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Norway best selling cars. The top 50 in the 2017

Norway best selling cars in the 2017 dominated by electric vehicles, with the Volkswagen eGolf on top of the list ahead of the BMW i3 jumped on the podium. The new Toyota C-HR was already within the top 10.

Norwegian Cars Market

Norway 2016. EVs sales hit new record

Norwegian Cars Market in 2016 hit the fourth increase ina row ranking as the World's 42nd, despite the severe headwinds the economy is facing since the global oil market crisis.EVs segment kept booming hitting a new record.

Norway Cars Market

Norway 2017. Tesla up 143% in a market up for the 5th year

Norway Cars Market hit in the 2017 the 3rd highest sales level ever, keeping the fast process to renovate vehicles with traditional combustion with AFVs, actually at 50% of the mix. The leader, Volkswagen, struggles while Tesla and Volvo are the 2017 winners.

Norwegian Auto Market

Norway 2019. Tesla ended 2nd in a moderately negative market (-3.8%)

Norwegian Auto Market in 2019 was moderately negative. Indeed, Total sales have been 142.363, down 3.8% from the correspondent period last year. Volkswagen kept the lead, while Tesla overtook Toyota, more than doubling the share with the Model3 best-selling model.

Norway car market

Norway 2021. Tesla Reaches The Top Of The Leaderboard, In Strong Market (+24.7%)

Norway Auto market in 2021 rises by 24.7% with 176,276 sales, reporting a strong performance this year, despite gaining just 3% in Q4. Tesla reaches the top of the leaderboard, gaining 133.5%.

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Norway 2022. Auto Market Down 2.3% Despite Surge In December

Norway auto market in December, pushed by impending tax changes, rises for the 3rd month in a row, with 41,441 sales (+78.2%). 2022 totals 200,840 registrations, a 2.3% decrease from the prior year. 

Norway car market

Norway 2015. EVs demand pulls marker at record

Norway car market in 2015 hit the new all time record sales, first time over the 150.000 annual units. The record follow the two established in the previous years after the de-taxation of electric vehicles.