Romanian car market

Romania 2019. Auto the market kept the speed and Renault gained the 2nd place

Romanian car market in 2019 kept growing fast. Indeed, Total sales have been 161.533, surging to 23.4%. Renault gained the second position, with 8.4% of market share, while the market leader Dacia ended at 31.7%.

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Romania 2020. The best selling cars ranking

Romania best selling cars ranking in 2020 sees Dacia holding the entire podium, with the Logan at 14.8% followed by the Duster and the Sandero. The Ford Puma enters the leaderboard and lands in 10th position.

Romanian Automotive Industry

Romanian 2014. Brand & Model statistics for the entire year

Romanian Automotive Industry recovers in the 2014 posting a +21.6% from the previous year albeit still very far from the pre-crisis level. Behind the domestic player Dacia, Skoda is fast growing.

Romania Best Selling Cars

Romania 2018. The best selling cars ranking

Romanian car market in 2018 sharply increased by 24.6%, ending the fifth consecutive year of double-digit growth with sales at 130.953. Dacia Logan dominated the market with sales up 18.5%, followed by Dacia Duster (+28%) and Dacia Sandero (+48%) all the three showing bright performances. 

Romania Vehicles Sales

Romania 2017. Suzuki the fastest in a market up in double-digit

Romania Vehicles Sales kept momentum in the 2017 posting the fourth increase in a row, up in double-digit from the previous year. With 28.5% of market share Dacia dominates its domestic market, while the fastest growing brand was Suzuki, up 46%.

Romanian car market

Romania 2018. Car industry up 24.6% is doubled in 5 years

Romanian car market in 2018 sharply increased by 24.6%, ending the fifth consecutive year of double-digit growth with sales at 130.953. Dacia, dominating the market with three models in the podium, is followed by Skoda (+27.6%) and Renault (+37.9%).

The 2024 Hyundai i10

Romania 2023. Auto Market Gained Volume Rising 10.2% From 2022

Romanian car market in 2023 closed with a total of 142,476 sales, a 10.2% increase compared to last year. December broke a 10 month positive trend, falling 25.6% with a mere 9,249 sales.

Romanian car market

Romania 2021. Hyundai Reaches 2nd Place In Market Falling 4%

Romanian Auto market in 2021 falls by 4% with 121,198 sales, reporting a double-digits loss in Q1 and Q4, bringing down the growth of Q2 and Q3. Hyundai reaches 2nd place, rising 4 spots.

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Romania 2016. Jaguar & Lexus shine in a market up in double digit

Romanian Vehicles Sales 2016 growing for the third consecutive year, back over the 0.1 million units while down over one third from the 2007 record. Jaguar and Lexus shine.

The 2021 Dacia Logan

Romania 2022. The best selling cars ranking

Romania best-selling cars ranking up to April 2022 sees Dacia holding the first 4 spots. The Hyundai Kona reaches the 7th spot, rising 9 spots.