Swedish Auto Market

Sweden 2019. Car Market steady under the bonus/malus effects

Swedish Auto Market in 2019 scored a positive performance thanks to an artificial sales boom in December. Indeed, the year ended with total sales at 355.585, up 0.6%. Volvo has confirmed its leadership, dominating for the entire decade, followed by Volkswagen and the fast-growing Kia.

The Tesla Model S

Sweden 2022. Auto Market Closes 4.4% Lower Than The Previous Year

Swedish auto market in December 2022 grows for the 3rd month in a row, with 35,300 cars sold (+27.4%). Cumulative sales in 2022 reach 287,610, 4.4% lower than 2021.

Swedish Automotive Sector

Sweden 2014. Strong consumer demand sustained car market growth

2014 left Swedish Automotive Sector in good shape with a double digit increase in domestic new vehicles sales. In December Volvo share was near 25% while Nissan, Mitsubishi, Lexus and Jeep posted amazing performances.

Sweden 2016. New Records

Sweden Auto 2016 celebrates the new all time record, the second n a row, with a sparkling December, new best sales month ever. Renault scored the best increase of the year.

Sweden 2017. Vehicles sales at new all time record

Sweden Vehicle Market hit a new all time record in the 2017, the second in a string, fueled by fast economic growth, solid labor market and the development of a local green vehicles strategy. Volvo outperformed on top of the list, ahead of Volkswagen and Toyota.

The 2023 Volvo XC40 Recharge

Sweden 2023. Auto Market Almost Flat During The Year. Tesla Shines

Swedish Auto Market was steady in 2023. Car passenger sales have been 289.281 (+0.6%) with Volvo on top of the list while losing 10%, followed. Tesla reports the best performance jumping up 121%.