UK Cars Sales 2017

UK 2017. Volkswagen takes the second place in a market down 5%

UK Cars Sales fell 5.4% in the 2017 with all the second half down in double-digit and December down 14%. Ford still market leader albeit losing share while Vauxhall has lost the second place, taken by Volkswagen, aiming to improve profitability.

UK Cars Market

UK Cars Market in March 2016 hit a new record.

UK Cars Market in March 2016 hit a new record. The industry kept momentum despite the winning series in place has touched the 48 months out of last 49. Ford slow in March when Vauxhall recovered. Land Rover in 10th.

UK Auto Market

UK Auto Market hits the best-ever December. BMW and Mini slam!

UK Auto Market hits the best-ever December fueled by strong fleet demand and expanded economy. Ford has won the year-end rush while Vauxhall has lost. BMW and Mini boomed joining the podium as brand and as model.

The 2023 Skoda Ebyaq Rs iV

UK 2023. Auto Market Reported An Amazing Growth

British vehicles market in 2023 closes with a total of 1.90 million sales, being up 17.8%. In December 2023 the market grew for the 15th month in a row, with 141,056 new registrations (+9.0%).