Israel best selling cars

Israel best selling cars 2017. Hyundai Ioniq debuts in 6th place

Israel best selling cars 2017 with the new Hyundai Ioniq up in 6th place, best place ever worldwide, thanks to the new green policy recently adopted by the country. Kia Picanto has taken the leadership ahead of the former leader, the Kia Sportage..

Israel best selling cars

Israel best selling cars. The top in 2019

Israel best selling cars ranking in 2019 saw the Toyota Corolla gaining the market throne with an impressive performance, outpacing the former leader, the Hyundai Ioniq, which held 4.5% of share. The Hyundai i10 jumped in 4th place.

Israel. In 2019 vehicle market kept declining (-5.2%)

Israel Vehicles Market in 2019 signed the 3rd year of decline in a row. Indeed, Total sales have been 253.819, down 5.1%, holding a flat trend in December at 5.035 (-1.3%). Hyundai held the market crown, reaching a peak of 15.9% of share and widening the gap from the follower, Toyota.

Israel Auto Sales

Israel 2016. Car sales hit the new all time record

Israel Auto Sales 2016 at new all time record again, third in a row and fifth out of the last seventh year. The impressive trend moved the country ranking up to the World's 34th.

Israel Auto Market Report

Israel Auto Market Data & Report

Israel Auto Market is tracked with the last decade sales figures by all brands and models. You can have access to an Excel Dataset or to a Market Report, including next year's forecast.

Israel Vehicles

Israel 2018. Hyundai Ioniq booms in a negative market

Israel Vehicles Market in 2018 fell by 5% keeping the decline of past year. Registrations closed the year at 267.477, with Volkswagen confirming itself as the market leader. The Hyundai Ioniq is the best-selling model, with the first win in the world. 

Israel best selling cars

Israel best selling cars 2016. Kia Sportage new leader

Israel best selling cars 2016 dominated by SUVs with the Kia Sportage new leader and the new Hyundai Tucson already in the podium. Five out of the top 10 models are made in South Korea.

Israel best selling cars

Israel best selling cars 2018. Hyundai Ioniq market leader

Israel best selling cars ranking in 2018 breaks a new milestone, becoming the second country ever, after Japan, to be led by a hybrid model. Indeed the Hyundai Ioniq is on top of the list with a wide gap. Kia Niro advanced in 5th place.

Israel Vehicles Market

Israel 2017. Suzuki & Nissan shine in a market down 1.8%

Israel Vehicles Market in 2017 at the second best sales level ever, not hitting the previous year record just for few thousand units. While leadership was solid in the hands of Hyundai and Kia, the fastest growing brand had been Suzuki, Nissan and Dacia.

Israel Automotive Industry

Israel Automotive Industry flourished at new all-time record in 2014

Israel Automotive Industry flourished at new all-time record in the 2014, fueled by very aggressive commercial fight between Hyundai, Kia and Toyota, with the surprise of strong sales taken by the emerging Mitsubishi.