Jordan 2016. Toyota gained the leadership in a falling market

Jordan Vehicles Market 2016 was heavy negative hit by the economic crisis and growing unemployment. Toyota reduced the lost and overtook the former leader, Hyundai, struggling more than others.

Jordan 2015. Vehicles Market down in double-digit. Toyota shines

Jordan Vehicles Market in 2015 down in double-digit despite growing demand for mobility from the over 1.3 million Syrian refugee. The market is concentrated in the top 3 brands, holding 75% of sales.

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Jordan 2022. Vehicle Market Up 26.7% Recovers From Covid-Collapse

Jordanian Vehicle Market in 2022 totals 36,901 sales, a 26.7% increase from the prior year and the highest level in 5 years. December grows for the 3rd month in a row with 3,811 new registrations (+41.5%).

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Jordan 2021. MG Gains Share In Market Growing Slowly

Jordanian Auto market in 2021 rises by 1.3% with 30,918 sales, reporting a very strong performance up to Q4, when sales dropped sharply. MG reported the best performance this year, gaining 69.8%.

Jordanian Auto Sales

Jordan. Kia struggled (-34.8%) in a moderately positive market

Jordanian Auto Sales in 2019 has moderately recovered following the previous 5 years of consecutive fall. Indeed, Total sales in 2019 have been 32.081 (+5.7%). Toyota was the market leader winning the battle against Hyundai while the third brand, Kia, has heavily struggled losing over 30%.