Kuwait Car Market Report 2010-2020

Kuwait Car Market Report 2010-2017 features historical data and insights plus professional forecast on new vehicles sales by type, manufacturer, brand and model providing an easy-to-use picture of current and future competitive landscape.


Kuwait 2019. Toyota kept 30% share in a steady market

Kuwaiti Vehicles Market in 2019 the market kept recovering with moderation. Full-year registrations in 2019 have been 114.605, growing (+6.6%) and the 2020 outlook is again moderately positive. Toyota held over 30% of market share while all other players stand well below.

Kuwaiti Vehicles Market

Kuwait 2018. Auto sales finally positive breaking the 3-years fall

Kuwaiti Vehicles Market grew 0.9% in 2018 interrupting the negative trend of recent years, closing the year with 107.534 units sold. Nissan gained the 2nd place - up 13.3% - behind Toyota, the market leader with 28.4% market share.

Kuwait Auto Market

Kuwait 2017. Auto sales at third consecutive decline

Kuwait Auto Market in 2017 lost for the third year in a string suffering for low oil production and politically instability. The lost of 7.8% was marginally mitigated by year-end rush, before VAT introduction. Toyota is market leader ahead of Mitsubishi and Nissan.

Kuwait 2016. Mercedes the star in a dark year

Kuwait vehicles sales 2016 sharply down at lowest in five years hit by the economic recession and budget constrain. However, luxury segment grew up pushed by an astonishing performance by Mercedes.

Kuwait 2015. Market dragged down by second half fall

Kuwait Vehicles Market in 2015 was flat as the second half fell down hit by lower consumer's demand. Perspectives for the 2016 are negative. Toyota hits a new record sales with 33% of market share.

Kuwait Vehicle Market

Kuwait 2014. Vehicles sales hit the All-Time record

Kuwait Vehicle Market at All-Time record in the 2014, posting the third high in a row albeit this time the growth was really marginal. Toyota gained terrain on top of the list, while Geely is growing fast.

Kuwait 2013. Car Market hit again the all-time sales record

In 2013, the Car market boomed in Kuwait posting the third yearly all-time record in a row, pushed by roaring domestic demand and strong GDP. See Top Brands and models ranking inside.