Colombia best selling cars. The top 50 in the 2018

Colombia best selling cars

Colombia best selling cars ranking in 2018 the market leader, the Renault Sandero, ahead of the Chevrolet Spark and the Renault Logan. Outstanding performances were scored by the Mazda2, the Chevrolet Onix and the Toyota Prado.

In the 2018, according to data released by ANDI, the Colombian Associations of Car Manufacturers, new market started a positive pathway breaking the three years fall with full year sales at 256.662, up a solid 7.9%.

As far as the best-selling cars ranking in the 2018, the leader is the Renault Sandero with 21.308 (+5.6%). The Sandero is a subcompact car produced jointly by the French manufacturer Renault and its Romanian subsidiary Dacia since 2007, currently at its second generation. It is marketed as Renault Sandero in certain markets, such as Russia, Egypt, South Africa, Mexico, and South America. It was introduced in September 2007, and is based on the Logan platform. It is also produced in Iran by Pars Khodro and marketed as Renault Sandero.

In second place, the Chevrolet Spark with 14.049 units (-15.1%) and in third the Renault Logan with 12.060 units (+5.2%) .

In fourth place the Kia Picanto up 1 spot with 11.249 (+11.9%) followed by the Renault Duster with 10.371 (+18.7%), the Chevrolet Sail with 8.035 (-41.1%) and the Mazda2 with 7.178 units (+55.5%)

In eight place the Mazda3 with 6.548 (-8.8%) ahead of the Nissan March with 5.731 (+20.8%) and in 10th place the Chevrolet Tracker with 5.490 units (-4.8%).

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Rank 2018Rank 2017ModelSales 2018Sales 2017'+/- 2018
11Renault Sandero21.30820.1865,6%
22Chevrolet Spark14.04916.543-15,1%
34Renault Logan12.06011.4625,2%
45Kia Picanto11.24910.05311,9%
56Renault Duster10.3718.73618,7%
63Chevrolet Sail8.03513.637-41,1%
911Nissan March5.7314.74520,8%
1010Chevrolet Tracker5.4905.769-4,8%
1118Chevrolet Onix5.3123.33759,2%
1212Mazda CX-55.2884.62414,4%
1315Nissan Frontier4.6684.06914,7%
1414Kia Rio4.1114.1070,1%
1517Volkswagen Gol4.1023.42319,8%
1616Nissan Kicks4.0243.55813,1%
179Ford Fiesta3.7745.872-35,7%
1825Toyota Prado3.5292.20060,4%
1919Kia Sportage3.3483.1436,5%
2031Toyota Hilux3.3101.84479,5%
2136Toyota Fortuner3.2721.626101,2%
2221Nissan Versa3.1063.137-1,0%
2323Ford Ecosport2.7262.38614,2%
2422Renault Captur2.6972.5356,4%
2534Volkswagen Voyage2.6131.68355,3%
2620Ford Escape2.4213.142-22,9%
2728Suzuki Vitara2.3811.94822,2%
2829Nissan Qashqai2.2561.93316,7%
2924Chevrolet NHR2.1692.212-1,9%
3027Chevrolet Sonic1.7661.959-9,9%
31146Fiat Uno1.751
3235Suzuki Swift1.6911.6363,4%
3367Volkswagen Jetta1.581626152,6%
3433Nissan X-Trail1.5751.686-6,6%
3539Mazda CX-31.4611.3647,1%
3648Suzuki Grand Vitara1.32998634,8%
3770Volkswagen Amarok1.315601118,8%
3837Kia Cerato1.2471.488-16,2%
39146Toyota Corolla1.226
4044Honda CR-V1.1561.1302,3%
4141Chevrolet F Series1.1351.200-5,4%
4338Ford Explorer1.1261.415-20,4%
4395Volkswagen Tiguan1.126364209,3%
4450Chevrolet D-Max1.12494319,2%
4526Toyota RAV41.0762.079-48,2%
4658Chevrolet N Series1.04584024,4%
4771Kia Eko (taxi)1.03559075,4%
4858Toyota 4Runner1.01884021,2%
4940Chevrolet N3001.0171.274-20,2%
5065Ford Ranger99567248,1%