Croatia 2018. Skoda Octavia shines in a market up 18.3%

Croatian Auto market

Croatian Auto market in 2018 grew for the fifth time in a row – up 18.3% – closing the year with 60.039 sales. Volkswagen remains the market leader. The Skoda Octavia is the best-selling model ahead of the Renault Clio and the Volkswagen Golf.

Economic Environment

Croatian healthy economic activity lost some steam in Q3, following solid growth in the previous quarter that was mainly driven by healthy domestic demand. After expanding modestly in Q2, the industrial sector contracted in Q3, largely owing to a drop in production of food and fabricated metal products.

On the expenditure side, retail sales growth cooled in Q3 despite strong real wage increases and the tighter job market which saw the unemployment rate fall to its lowest in over two decades, pointing to somewhat weaker private consumption in the quarter. Meanwhile, available data sends mixed signals for Q4: In October, consumer sentiment deteriorated slightly from Q3’s average, while business confidence gained ground.

The economy is expected to maintain a solid pace of growth next year chiefly on the back of healthy household spending, which should be propped up by rising remittances, wages and employment. In addition, business investment is poised to benefit from sustained favorable financing conditions, while higher absorption of EU structural funds should power public investment.

Market Trend

Croatian vehicles market hit the all-time record volume in the 2008 outpacing the 100.000 units for the first and only time, before to be swept up by the crisis, with volume rolled down at 33.000 in the 2013. Then a new pathway was taken, recovering year after year. According to data released by the Croatian Minister of Transportation, in the 2017 the car passenger’s sales have been 50.769 (+18.3%).

In the 2018, the strong demand supported the market to maintain momentum. The car passenger’s ended the year with registrations at 60.039 sales (+18.3%), getting closer to the 2018 all-time record. The deadline of September 1st for introduction of WLTP emission standard, moved up and down the registrations data in single Q3 months. However, the year ended positively for the 5th time in a row.

Competitive Arena

At brand-wise, Volkswagen is the market leader for the 2018 with 8.932 sales (+25.5%) with 14.9% of market share.

In second place Renault with 5.805 units (+26.3%). In third place Skoda with 5.293 (+12.1%) followed by Opel  with 5.212 (+12%),  Suzuki with 3.794 (+21.3%), Peugeot with 3.327 (+61.5%) and Hyundai with 3.152 (+25.9%).

At model-wise, the 2018 market leader is the Skoda Octavia with 2.981 sales (+21%) followed by the Renault Clio with 2.292 (+13.4%) and the Volkswagen Golf with 2.074 (+5.7%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group.

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