Croatia 2020. Kia is the only brand to grow (+10.1%) in a market heavily affected by COVID-19 (-42.8%)

Croatia car market
The 2020 Skoda Superb Scout

Croatian auto market in 2020 falls by 42.8% as the pandemic and lockdowns affect sales. Full-Year sales have been 36.047, while Kia was the only brand to report growth by increasing sales 10.1% and enters the leaderboard by jumping 10 spots.

Market Trend

The Croatian car market has been hit in 2020 by the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic, which has impacted sales significantly.

The vehicle market hit the all-time record volume in 2008 at near 90.000 units, before being swept up by the crisis, with the volume rolled down at 27.797 in 2013. Then a new pathway was taken, recovering year after year. Indeed, in 2019 the market signed the sixth consecutive annual gain, reaching a peak of 62.970 units.

After starting the year with a slightly positive trend (+4.1%), the only other positive month this year has been February (+0.5%). The market collapsed in March as the virus struck, in fact, the sharpest drop in sales this year was in April when sales declined by 87.5%. In the following months, the market remained down in double-digits for the rest of the year, reporting a fall of 49.5% in December to close the year.

Indeed, Full-Year sales for 2020 have been 36.047, reporting a decline of 42.8% compared to 2019.

Croatia monthly sales variation
Croatia monthly sales variation

Brand-wise, this year the leader Volkswagen (-33.5%) gained 2.2% market share, followed by Skoda (-17.2%), which gained 4.2% share. Renault lost 0.6% share, falling 46.7%.  Dacia reached 4th place and reported a loss of 39.9%, followed by Suzuki -up 1 spot- which lost 49.6%.

Kia -up 10 spots- was the only brand to report growth (+10.1%), followed by Opel which fell 3 spots and reported the worst performance on the leaderboard by losing 68.3%, and Hyundai which lost 48.2%. Closing the leaderboard we have Peugeot -down 2 spots- losing 55.3% and Toyota losing 44%.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands and top 10 Manufacturers Group.


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