Croatian 2014. No real improvements

Croatian Automotive Sector

Croatian Automotive Sector failed the renaissance plan in the 2014 posting a weak increase from the negative peak posted in the previous year. In December the market fall 25 percent embarrassing observers and EU fans.

In December 2014, according to data released by Autonet, the Car Passengers sold in Croatia has been 1.732, down a sharp 25.0% compared with same period last year, ending awfully a year not so bad.

Full Year 2014 sales in Croatia have been 30.085, up 4.1% from the correspondent period last year.

Following years of decline with the 2013 sales that picked a negative record at 28.900, in the 2014 the market recovered slowly and before observer’s expectations.

Since January 2014 the country joined the European Community and the hope was for a recover in the economic environment and consequently in the automotive sectors. Both these expectations failed and now hopes have been moved up to the 2015.

Volkswagen is the market leader selling 265 units in December (-1.5%) and 5.472 in the year (+16.6%) followed by Ford with 263 units (+155.3%). The American advanced in 7th in the annual ranking with 1.754 retails (+45.7%) gaining two spots from the previous year.

Third was Peugeot with 138 units (-2.8%) doing better than in the year when it ranked 4th with 2.266 units.

In the annual ranking, Skoda was second and Opel third.

Looking at the report on Car Groups, the leader was Volkswagen Group with 24.4% market share, ahead of Ford with 15.2% and Renault-Nissan with 13.3%.

Looking at the model ranking report, Ford Focus was the leader with 219 sales (+878%), followed by Volkswagen Polo with 111 (+12.1%) and Volkswagen Golf with 73 (+19.7%).