Czech Republic 2016. Auto industry again at record

Czech Republic Auto Market

Czech Republic Auto Market 2016 kept the roaring track scoring the third all time record in a row, first time over a quarter of million cars sold, while Skoda’s global sales further improved.

Market Outlook

In the last three months of the year all leading indicators suggested better economic conditions: business confidence hit multi-year highs and both consumer confidence and the PMI recovered from the lows reached in the third quarter. In December, the Czech parliament approved the budget for 2017, which projects a small fiscal deficit, contrasting the budget surplus achieved in 2016.

The strong economic figures are supported by the development of few industrial sectors among those the Automotive is leading, with the national brand, Skoda, hitting global sales record each year. The domestic market is very healthy as well, with a series of annual record moving its size among the most relevant within Europe.

According to data released by the S.D.A., the Czech Republic Car Importers Association, the total new cars passengers sold in December had been 21.913, up 10.9%.

A new record was hit in the 2016, the first time over a quarter of million units, with 259.269 sales (+12.3%), the third all time record in a row.

Competitive Arena

In 2016 Skoda triumphed posting almost 82.000 units (+11.4%), while among the highest growths of the year there were Mini, Mercedes, Suzuki, Toyota, Renault and Dacia. The best performances were reported by Jaguar (+517.8%).

The Skoda Octavia was the best-selling model with 28.406 units (+16.7%), while in 2nd place was the Skoda Fabia with 21.760 (+6.3%) ahead of the Skoda Rapid with 11.359 (-2.8%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 models.

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