Driving and Auto Insurance Tips for College Students


Going off to college is one of the iconic moments in the life of a young adult. This transition means that students are leaving the nest and preparing for a life as independent people who are responsible for their own actions.

This means that college students also need to start thinking about financial burdens like auto insurance. But what if you aren’t planning on bringing your vehicle to campus or using it frequently during the school year?

What is the difference between having auto insurance as a student who still lives at home compared to car insurance for a student living away from home?

We’ll fill you in on the pros and cons of taking out different auto insurance policies. These policies all depend on a kid’s unique life circumstances. We’ll also talk about how your child can change the perception of being a high-risk driver and whether you can drop insurance if they aren’t going to be driving very much while away at college.

Inexperienced Drivers and High Insurance Rates

No matter how often a student drives, what type of car they are driving, or whether they or renting or buying a vehicle while in school, auto insurance rates are going to be higher for them than any other demographic. 

This hardship is unavoidable because young students are higher-risk drivers for insurance companies, and they do not want to have to spend more money providing for teens and young adults who get into more accidents. 

This precarious situation makes it very important for parents to get a hold of, though. If you’re a parent, you don’t want to pay for an uninsured student car after a rough-up on the road, so it is imperative to get insured. This is even if the asking price is steep and your kid is away at college. 

Whether students are staying on campus or remaining at home is a key factor in determining coverage. The experts at eAccidents.com state that making sure parents and students understand the types of coverage they have can give parents peace of mind while students are away at school. 

The Difference Between Being Home and Away

Students who are going to stay home while in college are usually going to be driving their original car more often than not. This means that parents don’t need to change anything about their insurance policy. It will be just like being in high school, except rates should get a little better as your student gets older. 

At the same time, these insurance costs are going to be higher than a student who moves away from home. Auto insurance companies assume that students who are away from home will be driving less. If your child isn’t on the road often, they can’t get into a car accident.

Ask your kid how often they will be driving if they have moved away and whether they want to drive their own car or rent one on location. Then you can make the affordable decision about what policy to invest in. 

The only bad decision is skipping out on insurance because you don’t expect your kid to drive while they are away. They absolutely will, no matter what they claim to you.

Shawn Laib writes and researches for the auto insurance comparison site, AutoInsurance.org. He provides key information and educates young drivers and their families on the importance of taking out car insurance.