Netherlands 2014. Th auto industry fell down for the fourth year in a string

Dutch Automotive Industry

2014 was the fourth falling year in a row for the Dutch Automotive Industry and December was down again, seventh month in a streak. Peugeot and its 308 kept an impressive pace ending the year just behind Volkswagen.

In December 2014 according to with data released by the Dutch Association of Car Manufacturers, total new Car Passengers sold in The Netherlands have been 36.424, down a 7.0% compared with the correspondent month last year and posting the 7th consecutive year-on-year loss in a row.

Full Year 2014 sales have been almost negative at 390.412, down 6.4% from year ago, posting the fourth annual fall in a row.

In such a negative scenario, the French Peugeot is shining and in December posted a new superb performance with 5.000 retails, +142.8% from last year and ending an amazing year in second place with 36.940 units, +22.2% from the previous.

The market leader, Volkswagen, was again behind Peugeot selling 4.197 units in December (+5.2%), anyhow confirming the annual leadership with 42.693 sales.

Volvo in December advanced in third place with 3.680 units (-14.9%) while Skoda in fourth was the real protagonist of the month (a part Peugeot) jumping up 88.0%.

Looking at the report on Car Groups, the leader was Volkswagen with 29.2% of market share, ahead of P.S.A. with 18.4% and Renault- Nissan with 8.4%.

As far as model ranking report, the Peugeot 308 was again on top with 3.704 sales followed by Volvo V40 with 3.331 and Skoda Octavia with 2.573 sales.

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models

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