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Electric Car Sales in the 2017 record first time over 1 million units. Indeed 1.1 million EVs are going to be sold worldwide, the 1.2% of total. China represents exactly the half of global sales while Norway gained the 4th place.

The three largest automotive markets, China, USA and Japan are leading the growth of Electric Vehicles. However if the first market approaching this road was the USA, the largest market until the 2014, after the government strong impulse, China is now the locomotive of the sector, with over half a million sales during the 2017. Japan, originally focused on the Hybrid engines, just this year has really approached the pure electric segment, doubling volume and projecting a large expansion in the next three years.

The development of base infrastructures in place in over 80 countries in the World and we have found electic vehicles sales in 68 markets, during the 2017, compared to 39 in the 2014.

In the 2017, China is the largest market with full year sales projected at 549.000 units (+56.4%) followed by the USA with 196.024 units (+23.4%) and Japan with 176.504 (+273%).

Fourth in absolute and first in Europe, Norway, with 57.192 sales (+39.6%). In November, in Norway, the AFVs had outpaced the 50% of total light vehicles sales, thanks to a very favorable fiscal policy (no tax) which moved the AFVs price in line with petrol/diesel models.

Germany if the 5th market with 48.386 sales. The country is crucial for the timeline of EV development. Indeed, while BMW, Mercedes and, just in these days, Volkswagen announced huge investments to roll on the road a large EVs line up since 2020, the new government in waited to define during the next year the deadline for petrol fueled vehicles production in the country and in Europe. Negotiations are in place with the industry.

UK is the 6th with 45.304 units (+29.5%) followed by France, the European market with the largest offer of EVs vehicles (53), with 40.722 (18.2%).

Thanks to a recent introduction of duties incentives on the segment, Sweden is growing fast with 19.887 units in the year (+48.9%). Behind Canada with 18.879 (+78.9%) and Belgium with 14.387 (+49.9%), but with an incentive policy that should expire at the end of the year, dropping the market down as already happened in the Netherlands, where sales hit a 2015 record of 43.241 units before to decline at actual 8.592.

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