Europe best selling cars 2016. The top 100


Europe best selling cars 2016 ranking shows seventh new models within the Top 100, led by the Hyundai Tucson and the BMW X1. On top of the list, the Volkswagen Golf was the Queen, for the 42nd year.

The Top 100 Ranking

Seventh new models joined the top 100 models ranking for Europe (let us remember that we include ALL Europe, within Russia, Turkey and others small east European market) during the 2016.

The best of them was the Hyundai Tucson, landed in 22nd place from the 120th, with over 177.000 units sold. Behind the BMW X1, 57th from the 111st, the Suzuki Vitara, 69th from 106th, the Mercedes GLC, 77th from 173rd, the Ford Ecosport, 90th from 109th, the Lada Vesta, 94th from 161st and the Mazda CX3, 98th from 161st.

Looking at the top of the ranking, while losing volume from the previous year, the Volkswagen Golf was again the Queen of Europe since 42 years, selling 578.000 units (8.8%).

In second place the Volkswagen Polo with 389.000 sales (+3.7%) ahead of the archrival, the Renault Clio third with 341.000 (+0.7%).

In fourth place but with a severe gap the Ford Fiesta with 310.000 (-5.0%), followed by the Opel (and Vauxhall) Corsa with 275.000 (-2.5%) and Nissan Qashqai with 273.000 (+4.4%).

In seventh place the Skoda Octavia with 267.000 (+5.8%) ahead of the Opel Astra with 258.000 sales  (+27.8%), the Peugeot 208 with 253.000 sales (+7.4%) and in 10th place the Volkswagen Passat with 248.000 (-6.0%).

Source of Data

Data are sourced by the Mobility Database, feed on daily basis aggregating data from all National Car Maker Associations or Dealers Associations, including, for the European Community, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

Data combined the 28 countries of European Community plus the 3 E.F.T.A. (Norway, Iceland and Switzerland) plus East and South European countries like Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Moldova, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, and Albania.


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Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see statistics regarding Brands and Groups. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank 2016Rank 2015BestSales 2016Sales 2015Variation 2016
11Volkswagen Golf578.861634.609-8,8%
22Volkswagen Polo389.885376.0843,7%
33Renault Clio341.597339.2050,7%
44Ford Fiesta310.542327.027-5,0%
55Opel Corsa275.826282.837-2,5%
67Nissan Qashqai273.818262.3384,4%
78Skoda Octavia267.680253.1155,8%
814Opel Astra258.216202.00727,8%
910Peugeot 208253.877236.4577,4%
106Volkswagen Passat248.588264.416-6,0%
119Ford Focus233.752250.317-6,6%
1213Renault Captur218.535204.1167,1%
1312Audi A3200.636214.116-6,3%
1411Peugeot 308198.864216.933-8,3%
1515Toyota Yaris196.229190.9632,8%
1618Fiat Panda194.763173.06812,5%
1721Volkswagen Tiguan194.305167.10316,3%
1816Mercedes C Class193.230189.0122,2%
1923Dacia Sandero188.318161.91216,3%
2022Skoda Fabia183.388163.69312,0%
2124Peugeot 2008178.377159.17712,1%
22120Hyundai Tucson177.64639.310351,9%
2317Opel Mokka176.006173.5171,4%
2420Fiat 500174.235167.8183,8%
2519Kia Rio164.002168.545-2,7%
2632Kia Sportage162.482134.65620,7%
2733Audi A4162.395129.48925,4%
2827Dacia Duster159.784143.33411,5%
2934Renault Mégane158.789129.08723,0%
3026Seat Leon157.923151.3934,3%
3125BMW 3 Series154.273154.880-0,4%
3229Citroen C3143.007140.0362,1%
3336Mercedes A Class141.736124.71813,6%
3431BMW 1 Series136.862136.0750,6%
3530Toyota Auris136.288136.911-0,5%
3797Renault Kadjar129.77649.909160,0%
3835Seat Ibiza129.051125.2983,0%
3941Ford Kuga129.042110.91116,3%
4039Hyundai i20118.876114.1164,2%
4168Volkswagen Touran111.58776.23646,4%
4254Mercedes E Class111.12497.03314,5%
4349BMW 2 Series107.58899.7007,9%
4440Nissan Juke104.140112.133-7,1%
4576Fiat 500x102.44568.97348,5%
4644Citroen C4 Picasso102.306105.410-2,9%
4743Volkswagen Up!100.767106.576-5,5%
4864Toyota RAV4100.47081.96522,6%
4946Fiat 500L98.664101.710-3,0%
5048Audi A698.133100.330-2,2%
5151Skoda Rapid96.87699.129-2,3%
5261Audi Q396.74987.10611,1%
5352Kia Cee’d96.49098.038-1,6%
5457Audi A196.46490.9256,1%
5588Skoda Superb92.65356.75363,3%
5647BMW 5 Series91.801101.281-9,4%
57111BMW X191.43943.445110,5%
5838Hyundai Solaris90.418115.868-22,0%
5937Lada Granta89.786121.220-25,9%
6055Renault Twingo88.42696.294-8,2%
6153Hyundai i3088.21998.029-10,0%
6256Hyundai i1086.66792.373-6,2%
6350Opel Insignia86.21599.276-13,2%
6460Toyota Aygo85.72787.116-1,6%
6542Renault Scénic84.624108.677-22,1%
6666Volvo XC6084.50280.2175,3%
6759Ford C-max84.43987.121-3,1%
6862Citroen C483.07885.151-2,4%
69106Suzuki Vitara81.87045.74879,0%
7058Ford Mondeo79.97588.195-9,3%
7180Nissan X-Trail78.76464.87621,4%
7263Mercedes B Class76.49582.890-7,7%
7389Jeep Renegade76.07556.32335,1%
7474Citroen C4 Cactus75.45670.4157,2%
7577Audi Q573.66068.0408,3%
7675Mercedes GLA73.50269.8505,2%
77173Mercedes GLC73.19120.858250,9%
7871Mazda CX-572.81073.531-1,0%
7965Volvo V4072.53580.456-9,8%
8079Mercedes CLA71.85167.1707,0%
8178Peugeot 300869.51067.5592,9%
8273Nissan Micra69.42570.506-1,5%
8369BMW 4 Series69.40674.190-6,4%
8484Smart Fortwo69.11659.06117,0%
8570Skoda Yeti68.23873.727-7,4%
8683Lancia Ypsilon67.06259.08213,5%
8772Peugeot 10866.51571.416-6,9%
8881Citroen C165.24164.7740,7%
8967Fiat Punto64.44380.008-19,5%
90109Ford Ecosport62.73844.48741,0%
9193Land Rover Range Rover Evoque62.44654.30915,0%
92376Fiat Tipo59.5117727608,7%
9387Kia Picanto57.53056.9081,1%
94281Lada Vesta55.4203.4961485,2%
9586Honda CR-V55.15757.932-4,8%
9690Opel Adam54.46155.756-2,3%
9782Mitsubishi Outlander53.31662.828-15,1%
98161Mazda CX-351.34023.926114,6%
9991Opel Meriva50.73654.724-7,3%
10096BMW X350.57251.155-1,1%