Europe best selling cars. The top 100 in the 2017

Europe best selling cars

Europe best selling cars 2017 dominated by the Volkswagen Golf, albeit declining in volume, ahead of the Renault Clio and the Volkswagen Polo. The Volkswagen Tiguan is the new star advancing in 7th place, up 7 spots.

A preliminary estimate of GDP revealed that European economy growth remained buoyant in the third quarter of 2017, on the back of solid activity in the region’s major players. Although a breakdown of components is not yet available, the region’s drivers are expected to have been largely unchanged, with tailwinds from high sentiment, accommodative monetary policy and a favorable external backdrop fueling both domestic demand and the external sector. Early data for the fourth quarter points to another period of strong growth.

European best car passenger’s ranking at the end of 2017 was almost in line with the full year 2016 ranking, with only two new nameplates entered within the Top 100, represented by the compact SUV made by Toyota, the C-HR (52nd) and the Audi Q2 (86th).

Following a first half lost in double-digit, the market leader has progressively reduced the gap from the previous year confirming the rule of king of this region, for the 43rd year without a break. It is the Volkswagen Golf, with final sales at 546.000 units, down 3.4%.

Fighting for the second place there are the Renault Clio, second with 369.000 units (+6.7%) and the Volkswagen Polo, third with 352.000 units (-10.0%).

In fouth place the best SUV, Nissan Qashqai with 292.000 sales (+6.1%), has gained one spot since August taking advantage from the new Ford Fiesta production rump up, with temporary sales decline. The Fiesta is now 5th with 269.000 sales (-13.5%).

In sixth place the Skoda Octavia with 267.000 sales (-0.7%) followed by the star of the year, the Volkswagen Tiguan, up 7 spots, with 267.000 sales (+34.9%), the Ford Focus with 253.000 units (+8.0%), the  Peugeot 208 with 250.000 (-3.1%) and in 10th place by the Opel (and Vauxhall) Astra with 243.000 units (-13.3%)

Source of Data

Data are sourced by the Mobility Database, feed on daily basis aggregating data from all National Car Maker Associations or Dealers Associations, including, for the European Community, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

Data combined the 28 countries of European Community plus the 3 E.F.T.A. (Norway, Iceland and Switzerland) plus East and South European countries like Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Moldova, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, and Albania.


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Rank 2017Rank 2016Sales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
11Volkswagen Golf546.250565.382-3,4%
23Renault Clio369.874346.8046,7%
32Volkswagen Polo352.858392.136-10,0%
47Nissan Qashqai292.375275.4986,1%
54Ford Fiesta269.178311.248-13,5%
68Skoda Octavia267.770269.613-0,7%
714Volkswagen Tiguan267.669198.43134,9%
810Ford Focus253.609234.7678,0%
99Peugeot 208250.921258.993-3,1%
105Opel Astra243.442280.825-13,3%
116Opel Corsa241.636275.582-12,3%
1212Renault Captur216.959218.522-0,7%
1319Dacia Sandero215.977189.09814,2%
1432Citroen C3214.204149.22243,5%
1527Renault Mégane213.602162.44031,5%
1611Volkswagen Passat205.743231.083-11,0%
1717Fiat Panda190.212192.806-1,3%
1818Mercedes C Class189.178189.928-0,4%
1920Skoda Fabia186.473184.0871,3%
2016Toyota Yaris185.187193.881-4,5%
2122Peugeot 2008183.112178.1082,8%
2228Kia Rio176.131161.6629,0%
2323Fiat 500174.242174.777-0,3%
2421Hyundai Tucson172.302179.863-4,2%
2579Peugeot 3008166.81571.911132,0%
2615Audi A3166.542194.475-14,4%
2729Dacia Duster165.113159.8683,3%
2824Kia Sportage165.071168.453-2,0%
2937Ford Kuga163.773130.42125,6%
3013Peugeot 308163.088199.056-18,1%
3130Seat Leon152.873157.126-2,7%
3226Opel Mokka151.672167.620-9,5%
3325Audi A4150.453168.225-10,6%
3433Mercedes A Class144.051147.032-2,0%
3534BMW 1 Series138.360138.2780,1%
3641Mercedes E Class133.762110.52921,0%
3839Seat Ibiza127.431129.029-1,2%
3992Fiat Tipo125.86560.407108,4%
4040Hyundai i20125.280120.9383,6%
4131BMW 3 Series124.741153.631-18,8%
4253BMW X1123.00796.31327,7%
4335Renault Kadjar120.427134.718-10,6%
4457BMW 5 Series119.40692.83428,6%
4542Volkswagen Touran107.049109.509-2,2%
4636Toyota Auris106.939131.402-18,6%
4767Renault Scénic105.57382.98827,2%
4873Mercedes GLC105.56975.93739,0%
4944Toyota RAV4102.703103.934-1,2%
5048Skoda Rapid101.79197.7424,1%
5163Volvo XC60101.10685.28918,5%
5252Volkswagen Up!98.96196.5692,5%
5346Fiat 500x98.845102.699-3,8%
54256Toyota C-HR97.2956.7811334,8%
5558Lada Granta96.87891.3356,1%
5660Hyundai i1093.35088.6545,3%
5750Skoda Superb92.47896.658-4,3%
5885Nissan Micra90.52467.53434,0%
5947Audi A688.60599.219-10,7%
6045Nissan Juke87.662102.958-14,9%
6154Kia Cee’d87.15495.315-8,6%
6249Audi A185.12796.954-12,2%
6361Toyota Aygo84.89085.565-0,8%
6443BMW 2 Series83.386105.336-20,8%
6556Citroen C4 Picasso83.20993.491-11,0%
6668Suzuki Vitara81.65782.811-1,4%
6751Audi Q380.15396.579-17,0%
6866Hyundai i3080.06883.179-3,7%
6976Mazda CX-579.83373.0959,2%
7095Lada Vesta79.54555.76042,7%
7162Renault Twingo79.32185.525-7,3%
7269Opel Insignia77.00681.842-5,9%
73287Audi Q276.6824.1811734,1%
7470Jeep Renegade76.65277.468-1,1%
7578Mercedes GLA73.86972.3332,1%
7674Audi Q573.39274.707-1,8%
77186Seat Ateca72.71619.857266,2%
7855Fiat 500L72.09194.188-23,5%
7964Ford C-max71.82584.033-14,5%
8075Volvo V4070.85373.318-3,4%
8191Ford Ecosport70.07261.86913,3%
8259Hyundai Solaris68.70490.470-24,1%
8382BMW 4 Series66.94369.528-3,7%
8480Mercedes CLA66.24171.873-7,8%
8594Kia Picanto64.15156.94812,6%
8677Mercedes B Class63.98372.957-12,3%
8771Ford Mondeo63.33876.512-17,2%
8883Smart Fortwo61.41468.754-10,7%
8987Land Rover Range Rover Evoque61.40164.045-4,1%
9072Citroen C4 Cactus61.16976.145-19,7%
9193Honda Civic60.81457.1106,5%
9286Lancia Ypsilon60.67667.076-9,5%
9388Peugeot 10858.08463.978-9,2%
94174Hyundai Creta57.34522.298157,2%
9581Citroen C457.31070.810-19,1%
9689Citroen C157.09163.430-10,0%
9784Skoda Yeti55.73667.675-17,6%
98107Audi A555.33044.89123,3%
9999Mazda CX-354.55452.7083,5%
100101Dacia Logan52.39251.2982,1%