Europe 2023. Tesla Model Y Reports Best Performance (+93.6%)

The 2021 Tesla Model Y
The 2021 Tesla Model Y

Europe’s Best Selling Cars ranking up to 2023, shows the Tesla Model Y becoming the new segment leader (+93.6%). The Lada Granta ranks into 7th place, booming 102.7%.

The following report shows the top 50 best selling models ranking in the European Market (including 43 countries from Portugal to Russia).

Considering data up to 2023, the Tesla Model Y becomes the best selling car in Europe, reporting 263,086 cumulative sales and jumping 18 spots from the previous year (+93.6%).

The Renault Clio -up 1 spot- follows closely in second with 261,189 new registrations (+38.9%) trying to close the gap, in front of the Dacia Sandero -down 1 spot- at 242,739 sales (+20.0%) and the Volkswagen T-Roc with 222,802 sales (+20.5%).

In 5th place ranks the Opel Corsa -up 3 spots- with 207,010 sales (+20.4%), followed by the Volkswagen Golf  -down 2 spots- at 200,560 (+7.0%), the Lada Granta -up 26 spots- at 196,260 (+102.7%) and the Dacia Duster -down 2 spots- with 184,323 registrations (+5.4%).

The Toyota Yaris loses 2 spots into 9th with 179,849 cumulative sales (+3.5%) and the Volkswagen Tiguan -up 3 spots- closes the Top 10 with 179,646 new registrations (+15.8%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales for the top 50 Models this year.

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