Europe Car Markets 2023. Sales Skyrocket Up 18.1%

The 2024 Ferrari 296 Challenge
The 2024 Ferrari 296 Challenge

European Car Market in 2023 maintains a positive trend, with YTD sales up 18.1%. Germany is still the largest market, being the only country with sales over 2 million. Italy, UK and France all report more than 1 million in cumulative registrations.

The European Car Market up to October November has performed extremely well, reporting 13.02 million sales and surging an impressive 18.1% from the previous year.

Germany, remains the largest market in Europe with 2.42 million sales and a 12.3% year-on-year growth so far. This market in fact, accounts for 18.6% of total European sales.

In second place ranks UK, with 1.74 million sales, a 16.9% year-on-year growth and 13.4% market share.

France closes the podium with 1.58 million sales (+15.8%), followed closely by Italy, which posted 1.42 million registrations so far (+19.4%).

Further down the rankings Spain maintain 5th spot reporting 866,477 cumulative sales (+17.4%), followed by Turkey, in 6th with 846,156 new registrations (+67.5%).

Russia in 7th, reporting 648,814 cumulative sales (+28.7%), Belgium quite far behind with 441,538 but still in a positive streak (+32.2%), followed by Poland -down 1 spot- at 434,529 new registrations (+24.6%). Closing the top 10 we have Netherlands at 340,003 cumulative sales (+21.9%).

Tables with sales figures

In the tables below we report sales fro the top 20 countries.

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