EVs cars sales ranking by Brand

EV cars sales ranking by Brand

EV cars sales ranking by Brand in the 2017 was again led by the Chinese BYD, the first brand hitting the 100.000 units in a year (in 2016) while Tesla is second for few thousand units. Toyota in 4th is the fastest growing while Renault is not in Top 10.

The leadership among car manufacturers of electric vehicles is in the hands of BYD, the Chinese makers started up to produce only EVs (but actually producing vehicles with traditional combustion as well), thanks to 104.362 sales projected for the end of the 2017 (+4.1%).

Last year BYD was the first brand ever to hit the 100.000 EVs sales in a year and the second brand to hit this level will be Tesla in the 2017, ranking as second best EVs brand in the World, with 101.785 sales (+17.3%).

In third place another Chinese, BAIC, with 96.925 units (+66.6%).

However, the fact of this year in the Electric Vehicles World is the boom of Toyota, jumped in 4th place with 71.865 sales (+2.469%), thanks to the new Prius PHEV success. Toyota is projected to take over the segment leadership from the next year.

In fifth place BMW, offering 8 different models, with 65.093 sales (+29.7%) followed by Nissan with 54.375 (+2.6%), Chevrolet with 50.483 (+57.5%), Zhi Dou with 47.518 sales (+134%), Volkswagen with 36.985 (+5.7%) and in 10th place Zotye with 36.402 (-8.3%).

Really surprisingly, Renault is out of the top ten!

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Rank 2017Rank 20162014201520162017 e2017 Var
812Zhi Dou-6.16420.29247.518134,2%