French Guyana 2018. Hyundai soars (+37.3%) while market hit a new All Time record

French Guyana vehicles

French Guyana vehicles market in the 2018 hit the third consecutive all-time record, with sales at 6.643, soaring to 19.3%. Peugeot led the market, but just a few units ahead of Renault, while Hyundai held the 5th position with an impressive performance.

French Guyana economy is tied closely to the larger French economy through subsidies and imports. Besides the French space center at Kourou (which accounts for 25% of GDP), fishing and forestry are the most important economic activities. Forest and woodland cover 90% of the country. The large reserves of tropical hardwoods, not fully exploited, support an expanding sawmill industry that provides sawn logs for export. Cultivation of crops is limited to the coastal area, where the population is largely concentrated; rice and manioc are the major crops. French Guiana is heavily dependent on imports of food and energy. Unemployment is a serious problem, particularly among younger workers.

The domestic vehicles market is dominated by French Makers, holding near half of market share. In the 2018 the market hit the third all-time record in a row, with 6.643 sales, surging 19.3%.

At Brand-wise, in the 2018 the market leader was Peugeot with 1.071 sales (+7.9%) and 16.1% of market share, ahead of Renault with 1.050 units (+7.9%) and Citroen with 785 (+10.1%).